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Little girls will do anything for stuffed animals!

0 Little girls will do anything for stuffed animals!

A little girl is caught on CCTV attempting espionage atack on a bandit toy machine. To the publics disbelief!

Duration : 0:2:11

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25 Responses to “Little girls will do anything for stuffed animals!”

  1. dannman4209 says:

    lmao thats how i … lmao thats how i was as a kid 

  2. jzmn01 says:

    That little girl … That little girl will probably be successful in life

  3. 1GodOnlyOne says:

    This was obviously … This was obviously staged.

  4. tyligger7777 says:

    epic fail epic fail

  5. fightnightking27 says:

    She got her … She got her whooped in the car.

  6. MrMabloz says:


  7. 08302010 says:


  8. justinbplusme says:

    did she just go … did she just go into the machine??!? all you see is her face come into the scree. i dont get how she got up there though?

  9. justinbplusme says:

    did she just go … did she just go into the machine??!?

  10. iownu8 says:

    for reals! for reals!

  11. TheNewStoryteller says:

    hello im … hello im thenewstoryteller i’ve been making some films called thomas and tugs there is some sort of game computer that the train’s are playing it’s donald ducks playground and i’ve got more coming up hope you enjoy them from thenewstoryteller chris rush from australia.

  12. NobleRoyalty says:

    @anotherNYer – she … @anotherNYer – she did not do it out of malice, she did it out of sheer imagination, innocence and made her visual come true – a true visionary! you make it sound like she plotted the thing. She looks no more a day over 3! Psh.. get your mind out of the gutter. That was awesome!!

  13. Losagirl1980 says:

    Do NOT teach the … Do NOT teach the kids like that. Will get fines!

  14. 999finger says:


  15. iRandom10 says:

    im worried about … im worried about her future lol she might do something dirasstic just to go to a hanna montana concert lol

  16. ammaretto says:

    OMG…i LMAO….i … OMG…i LMAO….i would have done the same thing,,(i was a real tomboy) & too curious.

  17. moneek180 says:

    lol thats cute. lol thats cute.

  18. anotherNYer says:

    That child is … That child is seriously headed for delinquency. The kid did not seem troubled at all. Unbelievable.

  19. 2cutedogs4ever says:

    omg lmafo… i … omg lmafo… i added to my favorites[:

  20. ocsetterforlife says:

    cute… smart girl cute… smart girl

  21. Ashley946865 says:

    im so scared i dont … im so scared i dont want her to get in trouble with the police or sufficate!!
    but it is funny too lol

  22. DamienT98 says:

    This is the best … This is the best thing I have ever seen.

  23. Skysfairy says:

    I would freak out! … I would freak out! What a smart little girl! LOL

  24. Wolfcanes says:

    Sorry, but I think … Sorry, but I think a spanking is exactly what she deserves after pulling such a stunt!

  25. ambersilver05 says:

    Oh my god, I would … Oh my god, I would have been freaking out, she never even gave her a hug. Glad to see the little girl was not hurt….hopefully, she never got a spanking.

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