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How to Make a Stuffed Animal

0 How to Make a Stuffed Animal

The good thing about making your own stuffed animal is that you can make anything you like and have it look any way you want, using any material, color, and design. Here’s how to make a stuffed animals.

Duration : 0:3:59

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25 Responses to “How to Make a Stuffed Animal”

  1. ✨Andrea Martinez✨ says:

    This tutorial sucks … This tutorial sucks ass

  2. Bowser Kart says:

    Super crap video
     Super crap video

  3. ahackborn says:

    (0:24) TEDDY ASS! ( … (0:24) TEDDY ASS! (Kpopp)

  4. kylah studebaker says:

    I was cyber bullied … I was cyber bullied on my other channel

  5. Iris Turner says:

    hay they have … hay they have feelings to I thought it was good

  6. Becky Clark says:

    How am I supposed … How am I supposed to remember all those steps? Why don’t u guys just make a
    website or something. DUH DUH DUH

  7. soundservant294 says:

    I just want to make … I just want to make a kitty and these are some great pointers on how to
    approach it. I think that this is a great tutorial.

  8. Mya Bernarduci says:

    Say iphone … Say iphone fivetimes then repost this on another video then look under your

  9. TattooedAussieChick says:

    The tutorial which … The tutorial which actually teaches you nothing.

    Wasted my time. 

  10. Mustafa K says:

    A very crap … A very crap tutorial

  11. nelly Gomez says:

    Dont be say what … Dont be say what people say, people like what they like

  12. pamela mckenzie says:

    I don’t believe you … I don’t believe you lot how you speaking to each other, its only a toy
    what is the big deal a lot of negative chat no need for it.

  13. CynderAngelRightzDW says:

    what the why … what the why am I watching this for?
    1,I already know how to make a stuff animal -.-
    2,this tutorial sucks…..
    3,its too boring!

    Then, don’t watch it! Theirs no need to be mean, give the person advice or
    tips instead of mean comments. :/

    Sorry this post wasn’t finish, sorry for the misunderstanding. I got lost
    with other great videos XD.

  14. Katy Grant says:

    Wow, more then half … Wow, more then half of you people are literally the rudest human beings.
    She tried, if it doesn’t fit your fancy then FIND ANOTHER VIDEO. Instead of
    giving her crap about it, why don’t you move on. My lord, cyber bullying at
    its finest.

  15. claudia cabral says:

    i think this was a … i think this was a great and easy tutorial loved it thank you WaysAndHow

  16. Hector Robledo says:

    Hi my name is … Hi my name is Aaliyah I know how to sew I’m 8 my mom showed me but this is
    a dumb video why am I watching this I give this 0 stars

  17. Lorena Oliva says:

    I made a star … I made a star stuffed animal

  18. Annie Garcia says:

    If it the plushie I … If it the plushie I want to make doesn’t come out the way I hoped I would
    just try again.

  19. DIYnellie says:

    Ita like a wikihow … Ita like a wikihow video. EUUUGH

  20. Shelleyjane Blessing says:

    stupid video stupid video

  21. Sky Leopard says:

    There is not enough … There is not enough detail in this tutorial, nor are there comprehensive
    pictures, or a video to learn from. Most people are visual learners, so, it
    would make more sense to have an expert demonstrating it live, rather than
    an automated machine stating ambiguous steps, which don’t have enough
    explanation, and which do not have any real scenes or photos of someone
    doing the steps, not to mention, not all of us have access to a sewing
    machine, so we’d need to know how to hand stitch everything.

  22. Hyper Chaos Control says:

    am goning to make a … am goning to make a sonic character I made up

  23. nora lynn montgomery says:

    cool…. cool….

  24. Kristin Miller says:

    this stupid video … this stupid video lies it doesn’t workkk!!!!!!

  25. Mohamed Mohamud says:

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    it as a gift for your loved ones). Am selling it for “50% off” for my peeps
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