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Dog Tries Until he Succeeds

0 Dog Tries Until he SucceedsIn this funny dog video, this little guy wants to take his favorite stuffed animal out into the yard, the two of them are too big to fit through the doggie door, but the lesson learned here is persistance is key.


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Duration : 0:0:40

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21 Responses to “Dog Tries Until he Succeeds”

  1. Viana de León says:

    This is not my pet. … This is not my pet. I am fishing about for some good images. However, do
    watch this video it’s inspiring and funny as well. 🙂

    Dog Tries Until he Succeeds

  2. Viana de León says:

    If at first you … If at first you don’t succeed—try, try, try again, until you do it:

    Dog Tries Until he Succeeds

  3. JGM Pet Doors says:

    ▶ Looks like this … ▶ Looks like this little guy needs an extra doggie door just for his
    stuffed toy! –

  4. Richie Garcia says:


  5. Efe Tan says:

    Fail , FAil , FAIL … Fail , FAil , FAIL , EPIC WIN !

  6. 仁傑 李 says:

    橫柴入灶 橫柴入灶

  7. janet m says:

    The music at the … The music at the end is so awful!

  8. juls robertson says:

    Then he dug a hole … Then he dug a hole and buried it! WHHOOF

  9. bizn0nka says:

    Perseverance!!! Perseverance!!!

  10. razorIaIa says:

    this dog is smarter … this dog is smarter than many people i see!

  11. Travis Greenwood says:

    Apparently, Janet … Apparently, Janet doesn’t like hip-hop.

  12. Donald Moses II says:

    King Louie has seen … King Louie has seen better days

  13. dearmalika says:

    Intelligent dog! Intelligent dog!

  14. Awakened Spirit says:

    Pushing is not … Pushing is not working so I will try pulling.

  15. OFour MC says:

    Lol I love animals Lol I love animals

  16. teocarlo says:

    All the doggie … All the doggie needed — was a tush push

  17. Jean Taylor says:

    That made me smile. That made me smile.

  18. SamiVet says:

    Quando si dice … Quando si dice essere decisi! #cani #video

  19. Petsami says:

    Petsami Petsami

  20. Ruby Passmore says:

    Ruby Passmore Ruby Passmore

  21. Danny Lopez says:

    Danny Lopez Danny Lopez

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