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Weird Things All Dog Owners Do

0 Weird Things All Dog Owners Do“Poop. Poop for me.”

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Clever Ideas
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Eugene Lee Yang –
Pesto the Puppy


BuzzFeed Violet: the good kind of awkward. Short, relatable videos that are totally you. Just like BuzzFeedVideo but violetier.

Duration : 0:2:19

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25 Responses to “Weird Things All Dog Owners Do”

  1. BuzzFeedViolet says:

    What’s the weirdest … What’s the weirdest thing you do when you’re with your dog?
    – Eugene & Pesto

  2. FinnishKpopcorn says:

    this asian dude is … this asian dude is so good looking. he’s korean, right?

  3. DreamLanders says:

    I usually just hide … I usually just hide under my covers and my dog will immediately attempt to
    dig me out, as though I were trapped. It get’s even better the longer it
    goes on because I laugh hysterically the entire time, and I think at some
    point my dog doesn’t know if I’m okay or not (I’m mean, I know.) so he
    panics and then eventually gives up and just whines. That’s when I’ll
    uncover myself and let him know he did a good job helping me out of my
    covers. xD

  4. Kitty Fang says:

    I never get dressed … I never get dressed in front of my birds. They always go quiet when I do
    and I get freaked out. (They’re parakeets)

  5. Who Knows? says:

    Lol, when my dog … Lol, when my dog doesn’t wanna eat his food, I put the bowl on the table
    and pretend I’m eating it.
    Then he gets jealous!

  6. Selin Rhye says:

    Im a cat owner and … Im a cat owner and all my cat does is eat and sleep. I want a dog so bad

  7. Maxine Baggins says:

    Actually, dogs eat … Actually, dogs eat plants because they feel they need the, well, nutrients
    in that plant.
    You should let your doggy eat plants! He knows what he’s doing ;)

  8. randomgirlxrulz says:

    This video made me … This video made me feel emotions of both vicarious joy, as well sadness and
    jealousy. I’ve wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. I love dogs. I’m
    a dog person. Just petting a dog always puts a smile on my face, no matter
    how bad of a day I’ve had.
    But alas, owning a dog will be an impossibility for *at least* four more
    years. Probably more. But one day, I’m sure my dream will come true!
    PS Eugene & Pesto is probably the cutest thing on the Internet.

  9. SoniaSephia says:

    I’ve always … I’ve always wondered why more and more people are making dogs into indoors
    pets rather than out doors? I can understand if they live in an apartment,
    have a tiny yard, or keep in for extreme whether seasons, but why? Keeping
    them indoors makes them more prone to boredom, laziness, being over weight,
    because they can’t run, jump, play as lively as they can outside. I know
    they’re exceptions, but as a general rule shouldn’t dogs be more outside
    than inside? 

  10. Drake Snyper says:

    how many … how many colors, are you going to make Buzzfeed?

  11. Sebastian Wojslaw says:

    what kind of dog is … what kind of dog is that, please reply

  12. Etnitestalker says:

    When my older … When my older cousin got a gf she hated our dog (he stayed with us or
    college) anyway his gf hated our dog the next day she comes over and try to
    steal our dog i caught her sprinting to her car holding mah pup i shot her
    with my toy cross bow and it hit her in the she instantly dropped my
    dog who rushed to me. ( she got dumped )

  13. Sam The Neyssi Fan says:

    “Why are you eating … “Why are you eating grass are you a cow?” XD

  14. Ty Hound says:

    Can someone please … Can someone please tell me what breed of dog this is

  15. KosukLeAwesome says:

    While watching this … While watching this my dog was sleeping on my foot o-o

  16. tehamplix says:

    Funny because I … Funny because I have a Newfoundland and I’m pretty sure if I tried most of
    these things I would probably just be ran over @_@

  17. Romeo Govea says:

    Lol on that part … Lol on that part when he said why you eating grass are you a cow

  18. Belle Wolfe says:

    literally me when … literally me when it comes to my dog.

  19. garystfu says:


  20. Jade D. says:

    “Can Bacon kill my … “Can Bacon kill my dog in Nintendogs” @ 1:29

  21. Dinah Donovon says:

    Sad yet True…. Sad yet True….

  22. Vermillion Fluffy Bucket says:

    1:05 KAWAII!!!!!!!! … 1:05 KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i swer n me mums graev il besh ur head n m8 says:

    I take showers with … I take showers with my dog like I mean completely naked. And I have to hold
    him he’s a tea cup Chihuahua. Its strange tbh, especially how we share the
    same shampoo…

  24. Olorin Dreamer says:

    I’m not … 0:34
    I’m not judging.

  25. Anastasia Vallejo says:

    All these these … All these these things I also did xD especially trying to wash the dogs xD
    Well a 100lb dogs xD 

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