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Online Dating – MGTOW

0 Online Dating   MGTOW“Hi Sandman, How about a video about online dating? Every woman lists the same things: she loves her kid(s) and dogs, and comes off as very negative/leary of men. Why do they put their worst foot forward? Thanks again.” Well thanks for your question Zeb. As I’ve mentioned in videos before women imitate each other and if they hear that a certain style of online personal ad works for one of their friends then they will try the same thing on their account. But right now there’s a shift in the way that online dating works. Up until a couple of years ago, online dating was predominantly done the same way it had always been done. Women would post their online ads on websites like Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, Lavalife, Eharmony or other similar sites and women would get hundreds of messages from guys and guys would be lucky to get one single response back from one of the dozens or hundreds of women he contacted. In such a scenario the guys would have to spend all the effort to get a connection and a chance to speak to a woman. And women would just sit back and enjoy all of the attention. What I like to call dating two point zero which came out a few years ago includes primarily Tinder and to some small extent Hot Or Not and this new way of dating means that a guy doesn’t have to writes a profile and neither does a woman. They both just swipe left for the people they don’t like and right for the people they do. And once again guys are effectively bombarding women with attention because most guys will close their eyes and swipe to the right so that they can increase their available pool of women. And the ugly and unattractive women will also swipe to the right for most guys, especially if they are a three or a four, or below. As an experiment, after Lui Marco said that most guys flick to the right for every single girl they see I decided I would do that on Tinder to see what type of results I could get. And sure enough I got some of the most overweight and unattractive women matching me back.

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1. conrado – Handsome couple dating via internet

2. Pavlo Kolotenko – Happy couple looking through tablet frame

3. EpicStockMedia – young beautiful happy woman using a laptop computer at home

4. Rudall30 – An illustration of a couple online on computer

5. AndreyPopov – Person Chatting With Woman

6. BCFC – Attractive young woman working on laptop computer

7. AntonioGuillem – Arab Couple Sharing Social Media On The Smart Phone

8. Yastremska – Beautiful young woman sitting with laptop in room

9. Kletr – Love of my life – virtual reality. Internet addiction concept.

10. dolgachov – business and office concept – surprised businesswoman using her laptop computer

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24 Responses to “Online Dating – MGTOW”

  1. IlikeBball234 says:

    I made a Tinder … I made a Tinder account 3 months ago, to just check it out and in that time
    I got roughly 25 matches excluding bots , and only ONE sent me a message
    first. Funny considering we both “liked” each other , yet they still are
    unable to send a message first ? I don’t really put much weight on it
    though , it’s just another way for girls to get gassed up anyway.

  2. PlasmaMongoose says:

    To be frank, you … To be frank, you will more likely to hook-up with better looking, far more
    interesting women by shopping for anime body pillow cases than you are
    likely to ever find in sites like OKCupid.

  3. lb1000110 says:

    8:00 – That’s why I … 8:00 – That’s why I never lost my time with dating online, I know very well
    that an average woman (until 35 years old) gets much attention from men,
    the women who resort to the dating sites are fat, ugly or old.
    I sorry to hear about your problem with the YouTube, but it is a sign that
    you are hitting the nerve, remember Sandman, the same way in WW II, the
    flak gets a lot harder when you fly over the target.
    Kudos and keep the good work, Sandman.

  4. Jester MGTOW says:

    I used to troll … I used to troll people on an online dating site called adult matchmaker! It
    got me banned but IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

  5. Zuberi4 says:

    I occasionally … I occasionally swing by POF to read the trollops profiles.
    A sizable portion of the women on these online dating sites are usually
    burger gulping ham beasts or desperate single mothers looking for another
    host to latch onto. Either way, reading those profiles are good for a
    barrel of laughs. 

  6. Henry Morgan says:

    It sickens … It sickens me to my core when women say they are “into
    photography”, and believe the mundane they take pictures of is “art”.
    Or “foodies” that think food is produced in supermarkets ( I’m not
    kidding! ). Or the most obnoxious, cheapening statement of them all: “I
    love yoga and I’m a very spiritual person”.

    Go into a retreat on a barren plateau for 10 years, narcissistic
    bitch. Then tell me how much you love “yoga”.

  7. john brown Smith says:

    The whole dating … The whole dating scene is one big song & dance men have to perform in. Why
    would anyone going MGTOW be interested?

  8. Sandman says:

    Sandman Sandman

  9. xpallodoc says:

    I’ll share a tip … I’ll share a tip about online dating… Please don’t it’s gynocentric to
    the extreme. Seriously you’d have a better pick of girls and a better
    chance by randomly messaging girls on YouTube 

  10. suzukimayhem says:

    Re: Interests – … Re: Interests – Ever noticed how women on dating sites who claim they “love
    to read” usually only post books that everyone had to read in high school
    or college? Or “popular” books like Twilight, Hunger Games, and Harry
    Potter, AKA books that were made into movies AND are made for 12 year olds?
    I’ve never actually met a girl outside of school who liked to read. In the
    case of the girls who like the “classics” chances are they only read those
    books because they HAD to for school, and wouldn’t have otherwise read
    anything unless they had to. And in the case of the latter, girls who don’t
    read read don’t know much about books, so they just put down whatever’s
    popular because they know the names of them. OR they read those books
    because they’re made for kids and therefore easy to read. OR the hivemind
    kicked in and they just read what everyone else is reading.

    Long story short – It’s a huge red flag for me if an adult woman still
    reads Harry Potter.

  11. Ho Lee Fuk says:

    Women are just a … Women are just a cliche. Product of socially acceptable enviroment. Lacking
    any originality or thought

  12. Dimitri Vincheov says:

    the scarface … the scarface experience is what women think they will get when they go
    online to date:


    no its not sweetie

  13. Michael Anderson says:

    LOL. I just logged … LOL. I just logged onto plenty of fish for and gigs after not being
    on there forever and I sent out a test message to see if my profile was
    still active and I got blocked by some female user for simply writing the
    word “hello”. lol

  14. Nao Ho says:

    I had been on and … I had been on and off those sights up until this past spring. The sites are
    different now, it’s more or less a ego boost for the future cat collectors.
    I stopped dating anyone online because they generally are lifers and have a
    fresh set of mental issues, be it divorce or a recent break up. A lot of
    them had pictures they used when I started looking online two years ago.
    They develop a Hiram of men, and of the 80 – 90(I meet only a handful) I
    talked to over the course of those two years, ever one of them complained
    about how shifty men were. The majority are dating other men while talking
    to you, and like to have a back up, or something on the side.

    Like was discussed before, they all try to date above their looks, I can’t
    begin to count all the times I probably looked like a twinkie to some of
    those women, I can’t spend all my resources on all you can eat land whale

  15. trap4dafu2k0fit says:

    i met this decent … i met this decent looking chick online on pof a few months back, long story
    short, it turned out she had herpes but didnt tell me because she was
    afraid i would leave her if she did, she eventually did bring it up though,
    after i went down and ate her out twice during a weekend, like most women
    these days, she was a single mother who didnt have a car, job or her own
    place, we actually did most of the fooling around at her mother’s house, so
    after the fact of me learning i might have an std now thanks to her lying ,
    being angry of course, i said it, i dumped her and instantly i’d
    thought i would do a experiment of sorts and flirt with her mom on
    facebook, about a week later and there i am , in her mom’s bed, i had sex
    with the mom, the whole 9 yards, a nice woman, but holy shit, she was
    willing to have sex with me right after the herpes incident and me dating
    her daughter.
    i got other online dating storys, like one time i was offered a 2 girl
    threesome by this one chick while her boyfriend was in the same room, the
    kicker being i didnt even know she was with someone, all she told me it was
    her cousin and they hangout alot, but moral of the story here is dont
    expect anything besides maybe getting laid every once in a while from these
    sites, mostly from mental wacked out and slutty females, i go my own way
    but sometimes masterabating gets old, hence where the occasional hookup
    from pof comes in play, just be smart about it 

  16. blthetube1 says:

    Beware of women … Beware of women that “Like to travel”. No Shit!! This is code for ..I spend
    all my money on pleasure and hope to meet someone who has saved, sacrificed
    and disciplined himself for the last 10-20 years to secure his future …so
    I can continue to spend my money …and yours…on myself.

  17. Zuberi4 says:

    The latest tactics … The latest tactics being deployed by desperate trollops on online dating
    profiles are the following:
    1. I love watching sports
    2. I love video games
    3. I’m not a feminist but I think women deserve respect.
    4. I’m easy to get along with and willing to try anything once.
    5. I’m not fat, I’m just healthy.
    6. I tried to make my marriage work but my ex didn’t understand me. He was
    just an asshole.

    Do not fall for it!!! 

  18. german mgtow says:

    online dating is … online dating is such a scam

  19. Cro - magnon says:

    Online dating = … Online dating = Beta male vending machine for women. A vanity project for
    young attractive women and a last desperate attempt for women who have hit
    the wall……hard. Get out there and mingle its easier than wading through
    the dregs.

  20. William Wallace says:

    Some of my … Some of my favourite women’s profile tropes:
    “I like books, too many to mention!”
    (Followed by exhaustive lists of movies, tv shows, bands.)
    “If you don’t like bigger girls then off.”
    *Photos holding babies that are not hers.
    “I love to travel.”
    (Yeah, that’s what impresses me. A woman with a prodigious ability to
    spend money.)
    *Bio is 90% about who messages her.
    *Detailed bio about her far-left politics, literally nothing else about her
    is mentioned.
    “I love tattoos and I’m getting more.”
    *Talks about how she is “over” drinking AKA recovering alcoholic.
    *Talks about how she is “over” having sex with large amounts of strange

  21. DuncanL7979 says:

    Sandman, are you … Sandman, are you serious about this viewbot attack being detrimental to
    your sense of self worth? I thought the exact opposite to be honest. I
    thought, wow, Sandman has finally grown his channel and disseminated MGTOW
    philosophy to the point that it has angered someone or group enough to
    actually plan a premeditated, coordinated attack on the channel. This is
    really big!

    Haven’t you heard the phrase, ‘first they ignore you, then they fight you,
    then you win’? Facing stronger opposition is a sign of a step in the right

  22. AussieAnnihilation says:

    the vast majority … the vast majority of girls on plenty of fish are unemployed, single
    mothers, hairdressers, beauty therapists, or childcare workers.

    It’s mind numbing.

  23. Don John says:

    the nawalt i met … the nawalt i met last month, that i’m still talking to now, I met online.
    And it’s gotten better. I’m already invited over for Thanksgivings. By then
    it’ll be a month and 2 days.

  24. Chris M says:

    Online dating is … Online dating is RIP as of about 3-4 years ago. the golden years were mid
    2000s to 2010. Girls were easier then and nicer to talk to. Less games

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