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Brock the Boxer: DOG ONLINE DATING!!!

0 Brock the Boxer: DOG ONLINE DATING!!!Brock the boxer is lonely and has decided to turn to online dating for a little help. seems like it’s the answer to all of his love problems! Watch Brock meet the love of his life, Izzy, through online dating!

– Songs: “Inner Light” and “Wallpaper”

Duration : 0:2:12

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25 Responses to “Brock the Boxer: DOG ONLINE DATING!!!”

  1. BrocktheBoxer Pup says:


  2. BrocktheBoxer Pup says:

    Hey everyone check … Hey everyone check out Brock the Boxers newest adventure: DOG ONLINE
    DATING!!!! Please LIKE and SHARE!!!!

  3. Jill Jildo says:

    I need that used to … I need that used to have a male and female boxer, until the male died on a
    walk. Now Maggie the female is so bored. Bummer Brock is already taken!

  4. Kelly Winquest says:

    I love watching … I love watching these videos!!! 


    They should totally … They should totally make a site like that!!

  6. Quelderie Aurelie says:

    ♡♡ ! ♡♡ !

  7. Kenzie Smith says:

    Congrats brock! … Congrats brock! Dang, my Roxy is still single. But afterall, she is only
    like 9 months old. I’m 14. We two girls will just have to wait. :)

  8. Mary Bigham says:

    I love it! I love it!

  9. Murphy Pink says:

    I thought Izzy was … I thought Izzy was your dog you got for Brock to keep him company. Did you
    get rid of her?

  10. Angie Lawson says:

    Brock, I have the … Brock, I have the perfect girl for you but appears you don’t date out of
    your race. Scarlett is two year old Pitty that is beautiful and has a
    great sense of humor. She is blond with spots of apricot and a beautiful
    smile. If Izzy breaks your hear, give Scarlett a call <3!!

  11. Karina Gamarra says:

    Jajajaj best video … Jajajaj best video ever!!!

  12. Cephée Lupus says:

    Bummer, you are … Bummer, you are right Jill, Brock is taken and I am first on his “Carnet de
    bal”:-) Lol…

  13. Metallica9183 says:

    Best video yet; so … Best video yet; so funny!! Keep them coming, I love them!

  14. LifeBoxers says:

    Oh, Brock. How I … Oh, Brock. How I love you. You could be my boyfriend anytime! LOL :D

  15. liquidsquid says:

    My new favorite :) My new favorite :)

  16. FurryFriends says:

    Just like a fine … Just like a fine wine…Brock the Boxer gets better with age! LOL! love
    this !

  17. doglovn says:

    Adorable. Brock you … Adorable. Brock you seriously need you own TV show. 

  18. whiskeydogr says:

    I cannot get enough … I cannot get enough of this boxer. Love him to death. Keep it up Brock.

  19. dogrescuer44 says:

    SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! … SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  20. DogzBox says:

    Brock we love you!! … Brock we love you!!! Such a great idea! Your mom and dad are very clever-
    keep up the great videos guys!!

  21. mariah4ever says:

    i love brock wish … i love brock wish him good luck with his new girl

  22. Iowa mojito says:

    Okay Brock, I live … Okay Brock, I live like 3 hours from Missouri. I’m taking my 2 boxers for a
    road trip to meet you- it would be like my babies meeting brad pitt of the
    dog world, hahah

  23. ForeverFurry says:

    My kids (and I of … My kids (and I of course) love your work. Please keep these videos coming.
    They bring so much happiness. 

  24. DogFan11 says:

    THE BEST YouTube … THE BEST YouTube dog strikes again with another classic. Keep it up Brock,
    much love from Montana

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