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Stray dog rescue – step by step.

0 Stray dog rescue   step by step.This video is long (30 minutes), but it shows most of the steps in this rescue I posted yesterday. If you want to just see the short version, here is the link for you:
Please DO NOT try this method on stray dogs as it can result in a serious injury!!!

Duration : 0:31:21

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25 Responses to “Stray dog rescue – step by step.”

  1. Eldad Hagar says:

    Please share with … Please share with rescue friends… it can be used as an educational video.

  2. James Trail says:

    One thing I don’t … One thing I don’t understand is why do we talk to dog as if they understand
    our language. They simply don’t. Leading is the best way as dogs in general
    follows a pack leader and learn from their owners.

  3. Emblurr420 says:

    Dude, you rule. Dude, you rule.

  4. ZombieMommy says:

    I am guessing … I am guessing pitbull, yellow lab with a touch of husky.

  5. Brandon Hex says:

    People probably … People probably have the instinct to ‘act fast’ when it’s think fast and
    play along. My reaction was to post this comment before I watched the full

  6. LizzieSnnow says:

    You make me believe … You make me believe in Humanity.

  7. Brad Clark says:

    Green hair ??? Tats … Green hair ??? Tats??? Hey Mom, look who’s coming to dinner.

  8. IIIIIIIIL says:

    Stray dogs are very … Stray dogs are very scared, they’re scared of being captured and used as
    fighting dogs. You do an amazing job getting their trust Eldad!

  9. Hacker41822 says:

    Daaat Ass Daaat Ass

  10. maumau1968 says:

    Love to see the … Love to see the long videos Eldad. Victoria did really well. Thank you for

  11. Selina Kyle says:

    Sooo jealous!! … Sooo jealous!! Victoria said something about going to miami but she dind’t
    say she was working with you! Such a great video and such a gentle dog (: 

  12. AviionHD says:

    I live in a part of … I live in a part of Miami where there are a lot of stray dogs, I always do
    my best to help them… It hurts me to see people just ignore and abandon
    such beautiful dogs, Watching Eldad’s videos inspire me 😀 

  13. lechatlola says:

    while i was … while i was watching this i thought, she sounds somehow german until she
    says “alles gut, alles gut” (everything okay!). so great you have
    supporters from all over the world, i’m one of them too and you have all my
    respect for what you are doing. i’m spreading your videos to my friends and
    got some to donate as well as we are all so touched by your heartwarming
    work. keep it up and thank you so much, eldad.

  14. Gladys Alvarado says:

    Inglewood Inglewood

  15. *Sarahsaurus* says:

    All those people … All those people walked inches from her and didn’t even give her a second
    glance 🙁 thank goodness for people like Eldad! 

  16. Sup3rjag says:

    Love this vids I … Love this vids I have four dogs and I love seen other dogs being saved keep
    it up

  17. Lorenzo Miguez says:

    Who press the don’t … Who press the don’t like button? Seriously people buy a heart ^_^

  18. Granny100110 says:

    Very cool! Very cool!

  19. Stefan Teunissen says:

    Did she say “Alles … Did she say “Alles güt”?

  20. Bahaga Tenorio says:

    you all are earning … you all are earning some great karma…. thank you for helping her.

  21. Linda Hemmes says:

    Eldad – you have … Eldad – you have the perfect, soothing voice for rescues. It breaks my
    heart to see what can happen to sweet pups – that in a better life – would
    be full of trust. So sad.
    Bless you for all you do.

  22. Marie Joseph Gaudion says:

    Beautiful and heart … Beautiful and heart warming

  23. Tina ter Wiel says:

    Awesome! Beautiful … Awesome! Beautiful rescue. Thank you for saving her.

  24. MermaidDolphinNYC says:

    I want more:)! THIS … I want more:)! THIS IS GREAT!

  25. Elisabeth THEWICKED says:

    Eldad and Victoria … Eldad and Victoria are heroes… the whole world is watching you and
    admires you for what you do. So God bless you and give you all the best to
    you both. Happy Passover Eldad. (i know it’s early, but it’s next week)

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