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Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog – The transformation will amaze you! Please share.

0 Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog   The transformation will amaze you! Please share.If you would like to adopt Holly (or her co-star friend Wally), please email Cheryl:
To make a small donation to Hope For Paws, please visit:
My family & friends in Germany – you can see the video here:

Duration : 0:5:5

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25 Responses to “Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog – The transformation will amaze you! Please share.”

  1. Eldad Hagar says:

    Holly’s rescue … Holly’s rescue video is ready!!! Please share it so we can find her a home.
    Also, today you can help me get 400 dogs & cats spayed / neutered and it’s
    not going to cost you a dime!!! Please visit my Facebook page and help me
    make it happen:

  2. ashlynn w says:

    Awww Awww

  3. kimbee says:

    This video was … This video was amazing! I watched this 3 times and I wish I saved a dog but
    my mum and dad say dogs are too much work and they don’t want me to get a
    dog ;( still trying to convince them but nothing works !

  4. Malik Brooks says:

    I love you guys I love you guys

  5. LilyTurnedBlack says:

    you guys are … you guys are amazing! amazing.

  6. Isa Robbins says:

    Oh her shaking just … Oh her shaking just made my heart melt god bless you hope for paws!!

  7. Millie Hudson says:

    Aww the little … Aww the little jumper she had on was cute x

  8. Pun Kaiser says:

    Abandoned dog … Abandoned dog turned from fear to love.

  9. Kalar Walters says:

    Patience is a … Patience is a virtue because it gives love a chance to do its thing. Bless
    you all!!

  10. lpslover638 says:

    I’m sure to sub I’m sure to sub

  11. Jonathan Yarnell says:

    49 found :0 49 found :0

  12. Meagan Leung says:

    I get every last … I get every last bit of hope from this

  13. Emiliano Siapno says:

    you did a good … you did a good thing and i hate the ppl who dislike this are heartless

  14. theraylan100 says:

    The rescue folks … The rescue folks have hearts of gold!! God Bless them & the pets they save!

  15. Poowoodly says:

    The guy has so much … The guy has so much patience in this video it taught me a valuable lesson

  16. Amari Jones says:

    People dislike not … People dislike not because there evil and uncaring they dislike what has
    happened to abandoned, abused and neglected animals. We like because the
    dogs are in a better place now.

  17. Thao Ma says:

    What kind of breed … What kind of breed is Holly?

  18. Michelle Ballabio says:

    Why she wears … Why she wears clothes!? Its a dog

  19. SOOJUNG JEONG says:

    I am so … I am so disappointed on the 49 people who disliked this video. I just can’t
    believe it! This is such a sad video and they disliked it? I am very

    On the good hand 6,980 liked it

  20. Kayla Bronson says:

    *god *god

  21. TheROFLcopter2323 says:

    Whoever disliked … Whoever disliked this video r heartless

  22. Justforasses says:

    @1:30 the moment of … @1:30 the moment of deep ‘awe fuck’ realization

  23. Lucia Krasny says:

    So sad and happy So sad and happy

  24. Clive West says:

    Your really amazing … Your really amazing at saving these poor creatures lives well done

  25. Marilyn Ciasico says:

    Aww she loved her … Aww she loved her dress so much she is different that the other dogs

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