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Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)

0 Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)

Duration : 0:7:37

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24 Responses to “Rescue Story: Dog Shot and Left in Trash Bag Tied to a Fence (January 2013)”

  1. Divya Seetohul says:

    how people be soo … how people be soo cruel!!
    Thats a horrible thing to do!! THOSE PEOPLE!!

  2. DesiTronMagnum says:

    I want to … I want to kill whoever did that to this beautiful dog!!!! I’m so sick this made me cry. Stupid monsters. I love you buck!!!

  3. Kakolandz says:

    What the is … What the is wrong with people?! That is so sick and cruel I wouldn’t care if the person who did this died painfully. It might actually make me feel better

  4. Autumn Lindemann says:

    and this is why i … and this is why i hate most people , sick bastard’s , same type of people that would do same to a child , i’m grateful they saved him , no reason to do this to animals

  5. Stefan773 says:

    the mob shot the … the mob shot the dog since he witnessed a crime

  6. goog le says:

    frickin people … frickin people should get the death penalty for this stuff.

  7. highcotton63664 says:

    what kind of … what kind of freakin devil’s spawn exist in this world?? I would beat the person that did this within an inch of his life.

  8. jodicsaleihart says:

    The dog looks very … The dog looks very sad and traumatized. :(((((

  9. Dochirin says:

    I would be … I would be seriously be able to shoot and kill the guy who did this and not feel any remorse for it.

  10. neenee17able says:

    Damn man what the f … man what the f*** is up with people that poor baby and he’s so sweet I would love to have that dog

  11. Berny Bertram says:

    Poor guy. Well done … Poor guy. Well done rescue

  12. dearmalika says:

    Poor dog! Amazing! … Poor dog! Amazing! Animals keep trusting humans! They are our friends!

  13. tinybonsaitrees says:

    humans can be the … humans can be the worst animals on earth. 

  14. Austin566 says:

    You take the dog to … You take the dog to an Animal Shelter and they end up killing it after awhile anyway. What the person did to this dog was sick and sadistic, should have just taken it to the shelter and let them give it away or euthanize it or kill it cleanly. Non of this shit.

  15. LondonCallingxx says:

    Omg how horrible … Omg how horrible are people? What a beautiful dog. Thank you for helping this poor dog. God bless you!!

  16. peopleRnosey says:

    I admit, I do not … I admit, I do not like dogs. That being said, I would knock the out of anyone I caught abusing one. WTF is wrong with people?? Anyone who intentionally inflicts suffering onto an animal is a psychopath.

  17. BedrockMunchers says:

    Fucking horrible … horrible people. Who would do something like that!?

  18. MatchCard says:

    Thats horrible… … Thats horrible… even hicks like the owner had more mercy in the old days when they mercy killed their horses. For sake man, at least do it properly you scum bag…

  19. Bryony Williams says:

    Shut up, you prat. Shut up, you prat.

  20. foodlick says:

    You are my hero… You are my hero…

  21. foodlick says:

    Why are people so … Why are people so cruel?

  22. Shayla Do says:

    Fuck this animal … this animal abusers I wish they go to Ii cried so sad s

  23. Elizabeth Wiley says:

    That too was the … That too was the responsibility of bad owners. My dogs know leave the neighbors, their gardeners, the service persons, mailpersons, and joggers ALONE. They also know, do not let anyone in the house. Dogs can be trained and be both loving, and yet guardians. Due to our lifestyle we had guard dogs for our children and for our private licensed child care program.Those dogs were professionally trained and yet, were safe and wonderful with the children..

  24. jp tab says:

    Keith you have a … Keith you have a small dick and you think you are manly but you are pathetic. I would gut you like a fish if i saw you hurting an animal you LITTLE punk

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