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Dog Rescue Mission: Parker. Please share and help us find his forever home.

0 Dog Rescue Mission: Parker.  Please share and help us find his forever home.For my friends is Germany, here is the link for you:

A teacher saw a car stop next to the school where she is teaching. The car door opened, Parker was thrown out, and the car drove away.

Luckily for Parker, the teacher called our friend Faith Easdale, and she called us.

I didn’t have my trap with me, so I had to come up with a new trick ­čÖé

After we got him, we continued to BARC who agreed to take him in, and from there he continued to Faith’s friend – Jennifer where he is being fostered now.

To fill an application, please visit:



Duration : 0:4:2

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25 Responses to “Dog Rescue Mission: Parker. Please share and help us find his forever home.”

  1. Carl Slicer says:

    I first saw the … I first saw the first video about the rescue of Fiona last year. 3 Points I confirmed. #1) The non-profit foundation is legitimate. #2) Vet Dr Michael Chang is real & works right down the street & #3) I reviewed their 990 Tax return for 2012 & they arent´╗┐ wasting money on a lot of nothing. I have started giving annually. EVEN if you dont want to send money, send Wendys or Burger King gift cards so the strays can be fed in emergencies. Carl in Conn.

  2. KelticWoman1 says:

    Oh I agree but … Oh I agree but still say lose the net – and lose the laughing about “new tricks” – loved all´╗┐ they have done but this video didn’t do the work they do justice and I think if they rethink the net idea that would be good.

  3. Timber Maniac says:

    i can’t find´╗┐ any … i can’t find´╗┐ any link to the leash im thinking about, but if you’ve seen a lot of dog catching you’d hopefully know by this description: Long pole with a leash inside and a hoop. you can catch a dog from a distance giving you more access to dogs under cars or laying it on the ground to trap dogs weary of feeding.

  4. Timber Maniac says:

    Getting a proper … Getting a proper dog´╗┐ catching leash would be a great investment if you plan on continuing. Perhaps sew your cool leash pattern onto it so it remains recognizable. It would help you in your quests and quicken your capture time. Gotta catch em all.

  5. Timber Maniac says:

    Good job. I will … Good job. I will say though that the net had its downfalls. Being caught in the net didn’t give the dog a chance to land on it’s legs as often as it would had it been struggling on a leash. This could lead´╗┐ to potential injury from the dog jumping, getting caught up, and landing on it’s side. That couldn’t happen with the leash still, but you’d feel worse if it was from the net. It did give you an opportunity to get very close to the dog and create a bond before putting a leash on.

  6. Timber Maniac says:

    people have to … people have to innovate to learn what is the best way to do things. Don’t allow other peoples opinion taint the reality of what is going on.´╗┐ Not all people are professional or fully equipped to handle these situations but we need those people still.

  7. Timber Maniac says:

    what would you have … what would you have him do? making´╗┐ a suggestion is more useful than your commentary saying its sad and stupid.

  8. KelticWoman1 says:

    That didn’t look … That didn’t look good – you’ve worked out how to save the animals without this net scare before now so why use something that scares the animals even more. Rethink – this didn’t warm me to your procedures – it won’t warm a lot of people as to how you save the animals – and laughing “new trick” kinda lost the edge to many people who have loved watching you save animals. Not something I want to ever watch again.´╗┐

  9. Benjamin J├Şnsson says:

    You are´╗┐ amazing! You are´╗┐ amazing!

  10. Lilly Garrett says:

    It didn’t even take … It didn’t even take a secound after getting out of the net to trust him properly it’s amazing what people´╗┐ can do if they take the time to care

  11. Nearini says:

    Would you rather … Would you rather have had the dog run away, possibly into what sounds like nearby traffic where the worst could’ve happened? Sometimes, despite a dogs resistance and clear displeasure, you HAVE to ignore their wishes and´╗┐ do what’s best for them. Which is capture them, to then find them a proper home.

  12. H MJ says:

    Very good … very … Very good … very loving´╗┐

  13. J-anne Panganiban says:

    Lets bring ELDAD … Lets bring ELDAD HAGAR TO THE ELLEN SHOW!!
    Guys please´╗┐ sign up this petition! Anyone from all over the world can sign(if you are wondering,its free) and it will only take 50seconds of ur time.
    Go to:
    Cant find it? Google: BRING ELDAD TO ELLEN

  14. sricherla says:

    hey´╗┐ Eldad Hagar … hey´╗┐ Eldad Hagar new trick of catching dog is good i like tht n easy too

  15. Rhemanuel Ardi says:

    i´╗┐ love your new … i´╗┐ love your new trick :))

  16. supercool123ization says:

    thank you :)´╗┐ thank you :)´╗┐

  17. jlccanary says:

    Is parker still … Is parker still available for adoption?he looks like thr minpin breed and I adore that breed´╗┐

  18. Curryboi007 says:

    He’s harassing it? … He’s harassing it?If he’s´╗┐ harassing it why did he take the time to rescue him and find him a loving home?

  19. Susan MacKendrick says:

    He put the dog in a … He put the dog in a leash to get control and he needed to. Otherwise that dog would have scampered away. Eldad handled the situation very well and very appropriately. And the dog adjusted quickly. ´╗┐ It only took a couple of minutes.

  20. samanthaand brooke says:

    1:56´╗┐ it’s a new … 1:56´╗┐ it’s a new trick! (:

  21. Takes680 says:

    If u read the … If u read the description it says he did not have his trap so he had to come up with something this man helps so many animals in trouble if you did half of what he does it would be alot he is a great´╗┐ person

  22. Lewis Baker says:

    If I won a million … If I won a million dollars. I would give it straight to these guys. No joke. Please keep up the phenomenal work guys!´╗┐ <3

  23. Leah Cox says:

    Arrrrr I want! Lol´╗┐ Arrrrr I want! Lol´╗┐

  24. kittenforbunny says:

    i wish you’d show … i wish you’d show more of´╗┐ the ‘after’ footage of them playing with the other dogs and such! ­čÖé
    it’s really really cute and nice to see them happy after watching them distressed the whole time.

  25. TheJDWorld says:

    i rather advise u … i rather advise u to watch more of his video then criticize how he handling this situation… he is more human then most of us are… That leash is like hope for many other dogs that´╗┐ he saved for the pass years…

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