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After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!

0 After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!Every time you share our videos, you are helping us financially with continuing this work. Please click on the SHARE button. Thanks!
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Cowboy is a Blue Heeler who was abandoned in Compton, CA. For 11 months he was fed by a Good Samaritan, and one day she stumbled upon our rescue videos. The next step was a phone call to Hope For Paws, and shortly after that he was saved from life on the streets.

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Duration : 0:4:6

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25 Responses to “After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and goes from SAD to HAPPY!”

  1. Eldad Hagar says:

    I just posted a NEW … I just posted a NEW rescue video. We’re trying to reach a goal set by
    YouTube (to reach a million subscribers). Please click here and subscribe: – Thanks :-)

  2. santos barajas says:

    God bless you man I … God bless you man I have a Maltese who’s missing plz try to find it

  3. By Isnata says:

    Such a good Dog ! … Such a good Dog ! So kind, so sweet. 

  4. Katherine says:

    I hope you guys … I hope you guys have permission to use the music you have in your videos.
    It would suck if they were removed over a technicality. Like Michelle Phan
    being sued. 

  5. Heather L. says:

    That’s a great song … That’s a great song to use for this. I love your rescue videos. I sometimes
    wonder why you always use hamburgers instead of just buying a big ole bag
    of doggie treats? Keep up the great work! 

  6. Dinah Donovon says:

    Every December I … Every December I take the few dollars here and there I saved up to donate
    to causes.. Usually animal… and I end up giving like 10 dollars to 7 or
    so charities.. I do plan on giving a couple ten dollars or so but the bulk
    is being donated to Hope For Paws….. They are AMAZING!!

  7. Ene Enomoto Takane says:

    What song was used … What song was used I this ??

  8. Angryconsumernerd says:

    Ha ha now I know … Ha ha now I know what to get my dog when he is upset with me …who knew a
    Cheeseburger was the key to a dogs heart ..LOL :-D

  9. wordreet says:

    What a sweet boy he … What a sweet boy he is! Hmm, wonder how he lost his tail, Cattle Dogs have
    nice tails for wagging work.

  10. Romina Celis says:


  11. Random awesome guy says:

    I absolutely love … I absolutely love this video. This is so awesome and I love dogs!

  12. Erika K says:

    I am so glad there … I am so glad there is people like this out there….

    After living under a dumpster for 11 months, this dog gets rescued and

  13. Luciana Moviglia says:

    WHO CAN POSSIBLY … WHO CAN POSSIBLY UNLIKE THIS VIDEO? My god. Animals are the salvation to
    this contaminated earth.

  14. Steph Gamer says:

    That dog is an … That dog is an Australian cattle. One of my favorite breeds. She’s
    beautiful, I can’t wait for her to get her new home! I subscribed (:

  15. 1976versys says:

    we can see that … we can see that Cowboy is really happy after his rescue..
    You made a great job, thank you for all the dogs you save .

  16. VEVOArianaGrande says:

    Take a look at this … Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  17. Puppies for life says:

    How could 61 … How could 61 heartless people dislike this video? 

  18. Random awesome guy says:

    This is life … This is life changing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  19. Mark Thuaux says:

    Well ‘Cowboy’ is an … Well ‘Cowboy’ is an apt name for this one who is, like myself, an Ausie
    though s/he has probably never been downunder. An Australian Blue Heeler
    (maybe a bit of a cross in there?) Cattle Dog, specifically a Queensland
    ‘Stumpy’ (they breed true to type with shorter stumpy tails-not referring
    to this one’s dock) and are hardy tough working farm canines and are just
    great..Like all canines these too need a pack and can be ‘wrecked’ by
    humans so thanks heaps guys from downunder (you do a great job I do rescues
    and volunteer at my local pound myself but not on your scale) for helping a
    true blue !!

  20. Elyot says:

    What a beautiful … What a beautiful and lucky boy. I love his name, it really suits him! So
    glad he got a forever home.

  21. andrew castillo says:

    I always get sad … I always get sad when it comes to dogs treated poorly

  22. manpreet ghotra says:

    #eldad hagar
    Hello … #eldad hagar
    Hello my friend… wanna cofess u that I neva liked dogs or u can say I
    neva thought that they too have so much sense and feelings…. now it has
    been around a month that i am following your channel and I have developed a
    great soft corner for such bful souls… thanx a tonn for bringing this
    change in me…

    I wanna ask you that you go only for abandoned dogs those had human owners
    or you go for stray dogs too who never had any human touch…?


  23. Ignas Silevicius says:

    wow, im afraid of … wow, im afraid of dogs, i cant think of dog rescues, but when i watch, that
    is soo nice ;)

  24. Charlotte Murphy says:

    Cowboy seems to be … Cowboy seems to be so naturally sweet natured 🙂 I’m a wheelchair user who
    is Mostly house bound but never feel lonely with my 12 year old dog by my
    I love the work you do x

  25. Angie Guy says:

    Love, love, love … Love, love, love what you’re doing!!!

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