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World’s Saddest Dog: On a Mission to Stop the Puppy Mills

0 Worlds Saddest Dog: On a Mission to Stop the Puppy MillsJana Kohl and her dog Baby are on a mission. A mission to stop puppy mills…and sell some books along the way to help the cause. Jana rescued Babay, a roughly nine-year-old poodle who had been locked in a cage. Jana and Baby (whose sweet face and three-legged hobble attract attention wherever she goes) found themselves speaking to groups about the terrible conditions at many breeders’ farms and urging politicians to change the lax laws that regulate this industry. Today, Baby is the unofficial spokesdog for the Humane Society of the United States on the topic of puppy mills, and she and Jana travel around the country lobbying for reform on this important issue. Go Jana. Go Baby. And go WGN-TV for spotlighting this important issue.

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25 Responses to “World’s Saddest Dog: On a Mission to Stop the Puppy Mills”

  1. utube793 says:

    We shoot bombs into … We shoot bombs into another country, raid the countries for it’s resources.and your worried about cute little puppies and how treating poorly effects our morale compass?

    Pathetic mindless animal loving hippies with no real world priorities. To mindless to follow world news so they delude themselves with mindless news and entertainment.

  2. jacksarah120 says:

    :( :(

  3. wannabephamous says:

    Puppy mills disgust … Puppy mills disgust me. know what, the leaders of these should be put in cages, BRED, sell there babies, and when they reach menopause, euthanise them. Evil bastards.

  4. songadaysara says:

    It’s true, people. … It’s true, people. Don’t support an industry of cruelty. Adopt!

  5. 7LovinDaLife says:

    Baby is adorable. … Baby is adorable. There are some heartless people out there.

  6. SannaNinan says:

    If you bye a dog … If you bye a dog from the internet you got to know where they come from ..

  7. NefariousEvildoer says:

    – Good quote. I … – Good quote. I think the same could be said of children, the elderly and veterans as well.

  8. Inhumantics says:

    “The greatness of a … “The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.”
    ~Mahatma Gandhi

  9. kayla91879 says:

    that dog looks so … that dog looks so sweet and so inocent. how could anyone do this to her…. in fact, how could someone do this to anyone

  10. xxxanimelovahxxx says:

    that dog…is so … that dog…is so cute…

  11. vjm3 says:

    Dude you’re fed and … Dude you’re fed and caged for the sole purpose of having sex…forever.

    Honestly, it’s cruel to stop them. >:/

  12. contentinstaller49 says:

    if you want a puppy … if you want a puppy why dont you buy one from a family thats selling them instead of buying one from a pet store. shelters have mostly adult dogs and less puppies.

  13. 44Imortal says:

    VAGINA called her … VAGINA called her rescue dog… very very nice! OMG! thats funny! 😀

  14. Fremoification says:

    0:00 VAGINA called … 0:00 VAGINA called her rescue dog….


  15. MrMonsterAddict says:

    @ Virisspin or a … @ Virisspin or a shelter, as they tell you.

  16. MrMonsterAddict says:

    @Virisspin At a … @Virisspin At a licensed breeder you dumb ass

  17. Virisspin says:

    if you dont buy a … if you dont buy a dog from the internet or a pet shop where the u gonna get one tht easily

  18. DJDhananjayK says:

    oooo so cutee oooo so cutee

  19. sumame47 says:

    Sweet puppy!!! … Sweet puppy!!! God bless Dr. Kohl!!

  20. WhiteHeart2k11 says:

    what breed?
     what breed?

  21. BABE34343434 says:

    14 people work at … 14 people work at the Puppy Mill

  22. bryandar000 says:

    y do we as ppl … y do we as ppl have to do this? we are disgusting money grubbing idiots,we should love animals,not use them for a profit

  23. Beaniekid99 says:

    Unbelievable. How … Unbelievable. How can a sane person do that to an innocent dog?! It’s disgusting.

  24. steeltoto says:

    :'( thats terrible … :'( thats terrible what happened to her!!!!!!!!!! 😀 at least shes better!

  25. mmisme says:

    Puppy mills are a … Puppy mills are a tragedy. Every time someone buys an animal from a pet store, you are contributing to the torture and inhumane treatment of these animals. The horrors of puppy mills are not made up stories, it goes on day in and day out. Educate your self and SAVE A LIFE! Adopt from your local shelter. DO NOT support the Greedy Bastards that condemn these poor animals to a life of Misery and Pain for the sake of a few bucks! If we can end the demand we could eliminate the puppy mills. ADOPT!!!

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