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Texas Puppy Mill Raid

0 Texas Puppy Mill Raid

August 11, 2009, (KAUFMAN COUNTY, TX): The HSUS rescued more than 500 dogs from deplorable conditions at a Kaufman County puppy mill.

Duration : 0:4:3

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25 Responses to “Texas Puppy Mill Raid”

  1. jaidynloves pullips says:

    linklover08 sorry … linklover08 sorry but they well i have heard a lot of things but i think
    they just kill them or send them somewher eles to get bread more

  2. Jireh Valencia says:

    OMG… how can they … OMG… how can they treat the dogs this way??? They are heartless!!! I’m
    happy for the dogs that they’re finally freed from that f-ing puppy mill!!!

  3. Rhonda Carpenter says:

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. Sydney Gray says:

    Chuck norris … Chuck norris disapproved >:( dogs don’t need this excuse of monsters!

  5. limdaf says:

    they never … they never experience outside smell fresh ..hard to trust to human take
    time .

  6. aboodmatar says:

    poor dogs poor dogs

  7. Sheilla Leon says:

    Nice job saving the … Nice job saving the animals Weee im crying waaaaa!!!!!

  8. rob2049 says:

    As long as this … As long as this World never forgets love there is hope for these angels

  9. itsjudytime says:

    ughhhh, i HATE … ughhhh, i HATE puppy mills!! Got a puppy from a pet shop. turned out he was
    from a puppymill. had a heart murmur. so sad 🙁

  10. wizmonkey98 says:

    if only they cared … if only they cared so much about the animals they eat

  11. DeepydeepyDeepydeepy says:

    uh. all i have to … uh. all i have to say is keep this rescueing up i love ya guys! im a puppy
    lover rofl! =)

  12. TUBBY2STEPS says:


  13. DeepydeepyDeepydeepy says:

    Um , all i gotta … Um , all i gotta say is STOP THIS TORTURE FOR THESE SWEET GUYS! I LOVE YOU

  14. KNas says:

    this is disgusting, … this is disgusting, makes me want to die 🙁

  15. Zimandskoodge . says:


  16. Maria Whittle says:

    Thanks to you all … Thanks to you all for saving these precious souls and I will do all that I
    can to bring an end to puppymills within my lifetime.

  17. kaylakutiez says:

    UGHHH. puppy mills … UGHHH. puppy mills make me so angry. its completely inhumane and SO
    innappropriate. thank you hsus for saving these poor animals

  18. BazzSultanHengst says:

    If we humans are as … If we humans are as “superior” as we think we are, why are we doing such
    inferior things like treating animals as bad as is shown in these videos? I
    don’t get it. I kinda hope aliens would come to earth and then treat all
    those bad people the same way they treat these animals. I bet then they’d
    finally get an idea of how it feels. It’s sad though that it would probably
    take this much for people to realize how bad it is. :'( This video made me
    cry. But I’m happy all the animals got rescued! <3

  19. LittleLulubee says:

    When is our society … When is our society going to evolve to the point where humans realize that
    we are NOT superior to animals?? Every animal on earth has a right to live
    a quality life, they have the same fear of death that we do, and the same
    need for love. That includes the cows and pigs people eat, elephants
    chained up in circuses- ALL OF THEM!!

  20. Elise Laframboise says:

    Those rescue video … Those rescue video are making me cry and hug my dog so tight !

  21. Fouli M says:

    you are doing a … you are doing a great job great thing saving dogs!!! i admire you, i
    couldnt do it, it takes a very strong heart i would break down every single
    day and cry!!! you are amazing ppl!!!

  22. sophiegriffin3 says:

    awwwwwww i hope i … awwwwwww i hope i will get to help dogs and cats like that someday

  23. annette carriere says:

    forget society, … forget society, they are not fit for humanity !

  24. ryoko says:

    animals know a good … animals know a good soul in a person but even if someone doesn’t have a
    good soul, an animal will due it’s best to cure that soul

  25. Rudewomantt says:

    I have so mutch … I have so mutch respect for the savers of these dogs!!!

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