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Puppy Mill Dog – Walks On Grass For The First Time

0 Puppy Mill Dog    Walks On Grass For The First TimeLizzy spent 12 long years living in a small cage in a puppy mill. She never once touched the ground. National Mill Dog Rescue rescued her early in March 2013 and she immediately went to a loving home. This video shows her in the grass for the very first time. Prepare yourself for tears of joy!

Duration : 0:0:22

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25 Responses to “Puppy Mill Dog – Walks On Grass For The First Time”

  1. twnyc2 says:

    It really depends … It really depends on the dog. My friend’s dog hates clothes and she will resist, so he doesn’t put any on her. My dog loves clothes. He wags his tail and shows no discomfort wearing them. He gets excited when I buy a new piece and show it to him, lol. In NYC we have to put clothes on our dogs when it gets cold out. My dog’s hair is not enough insulation at all, he’ll shiver without his jacket.

  2. GemaLu Btz says:

    Awwwwwwwww Awwwwwwwww

  3. Natasha Tomlinson says:

    The motherfucker … The motherfucker who did this to her needs to die. It’s that simple.

  4. maz8719 says:

    Oh god, my heart. I … Oh god, my heart. I want to give her the biggest hug! So glad she is getting the love she deserves now!

  5. pugnlove says:

    So sad, glad she … So sad, glad she is finally loved.

  6. Pooja Aggarwal says:

    Puppy mills is the … Puppy mills is the worst place ever

  7. Sganzerla says:

    People who dislike … People who dislike this video is not because hate the dog, it is because the lady’s voice.

  8. DontEvenBlinkDean says:

    some dogs actually … some dogs actually like that. do you even know what a puppy mill is like? even if this dog doesn’t like clothes it’s nothing near as bad as a puppy mill is.

  9. Steffie de Sutton-Ellis says:

    Aw God Bless Her… … Aw God Bless Her….. I hope she is doing well now? how about putting those people in a small cage and see how they would like it. Please let me know how she is getting on please. Thank You. Steffie

  10. Faysal Adenuga says:

    You … You bastards whywould you leave him there HIS EYE IS GROWING MOLD

  11. GymGeekGamer says:

    dem feels man….. dem feels man…..

  12. Kristina Lilteich says:

    awhh. That little … awhh. That little puppy can finally be happy. I love seeing a happy ending<3

  13. Vom Löwenhof Rennmauszucht says:

    u wow and clothing … u wow and clothing a dog like a human ist better? Poor dog - on the one or the other way.

  14. Brandi Brown says:

    Puppy mills should … Puppy mills should banned & illegal. How you could treat an animal like this dog was treated before is inhumane. Atleast she made it out and will have a happy loved life

  15. LpsCrazyCupcakes 415 says:

    lol lol

  16. Av gR says:

    if u want to see … if u want to see more watch hsus videos…..

  17. flpantherdefender says:

    Little angel ;’} … Little angel ;’} Stop buying while they’re still dying!!! She is one of very few that ever make it out, don’t buy in stores and don’t let anyone buy in stores or from “breeders”, please!

  18. zennyv says:

    poor little dog… … poor little dog…so sad… 12 years!!!!

  19. GTAIVFan17 says:

    He will, without a … He will, without a doubt.

  20. LpsCrazyCupcakes 415 says:

    i hope that scum … i hope that scum goes to hell!

  21. macsigo says:

    <3 She Never Have … <3 She Never Have mush LoVe From Human ,, and Never get her Baby so Long Probably.. Poor lil Pooch.. U Nice 2 Gave HER that Love .. TC..

  22. MacKenzie Rattray says:

    In the 22 seconds … In the 22 seconds of this it made me tear up :c

  23. GoHF22 says:

    What amazes me is … What amazes me is these mills are still legal in many places. To get any bills passed to make even the slightest improvement to their condition is considered “controversial.” That fact alone is beyond comprehension. This is evil.

  24. teluneige says:

    人間でいえば60歳くらいで初めて外 … 人間でいえば60歳くらいで初めて外界を知ったって感じ?

  25. David Labor says:

    Don’t hate all … Don’t hate all humans. Hate the ones that do ill deeds to others. I know it’s hard to imaging with all the garbage we hear in the media, but we have to remember that they’re many good people out there. We don’t hear about them because they don’t do anything to get noticed.

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