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Oprah Special on Puppy Mills – MUST SEE!

0 Oprah Special on Puppy Mills   MUST SEE!Oprah is asking animal lovers to unite. Find out why it’s important to know where a puppy really comes from before you take it home.

Duration : 0:45:21

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25 Responses to “Oprah Special on Puppy Mills – MUST SEE!”

  1. Mieze fratze says:

    that’s why you … that’s why you sould never ever buy a puppy at a pet shop, you should adopt
    dogs or if you want a puppy you should buy at a private breeder. you say
    you want to rescue this puppys? you want to take them away from these
    puppymills by buying them? you can’t, because what happened to them
    happened and won’t get away, but you can save future puppys because if you
    all stopp buying at pet shops the puppy mills won’t get money any longer
    and get closed. (sorry for my weird english)

  2. Sriharish Padmanabhan says:

    okay…just so i … okay…just so i get this straight…a show on puppy mills is brought to
    you by KFC? 

  3. Larry Benjamin says:

    So, I wonder if … So, I wonder if Oprah reimbursed Bill for the $10K he spent on the

  4. B Bender says:

    Oprah NEEDS TO DO … Oprah NEEDS TO DO HER RESEARCH before presenting MOTHER F**KER Wayne
    Pacelle of the Humane Society of the US as a champion of animals!!!!!!!!!!
    His FRAUDULENT organization recently lost their Charity Navigation
    Organization endorsement BECAUSE OF FRAUD. Research Wayne’s RETIREMENT and
    BENEFITS PACKAGE funded by your naive DONATIONS you think are saving
    animals. Your donations are funding the good life and future for wife
    beater Wayne. 

  5. kayla jakson says:

    Shouldn’t you want … Shouldn’t you want to buy your dogs from pet stores because when they get
    older they won’t go into puppy mills 

  6. Elizabeth Harper says:

    If you really want … If you really want a pure breed dog, then buy from a good owner. My family
    got their first dog from responsible breeder. The mother was a beloved pet
    and all the puppies were well cared for and loved. The breeder interviewed
    all potential buyers and made a home follow up visit. That is the person
    you should buy a pure breed from.

  7. Lisa cheney says:

    Oprah is a … Oprah is a hypocrite, She endorses UGG boots…Made of sheep skin. NO
    respect for her any longer. Ugh. Sick. 

  8. Marky Polo says:

    Please ADOPT! Save … Please ADOPT! Save an abused animal. Thank You.

  9. Jo. Unrau says:

    I wonder why Shrimp … I wonder why Shrimp wouldn’t go to him? If she’s his dog & he treats her
    right she’d run to him & be really happy to see him. Very strange.

  10. Kitty wind says:

    These places look … These places look like CONCENTRATION CAMPS in WW II it is HORROR….

  11. dsprenger13 says:

    Bill is a saint!  Bill is a saint! 

  12. fabuladeum1 says:

    haha, a KFC advert, … haha, a KFC advert, backed by the network, that treat chickens exactly the
    same way the network want them to stop treating dogs, oh the irony lol

  13. Candystrap says:

    I really have a … I really have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that these puppy
    mills are legal. Every breeder should have a license to do so and frequent
    inspections to be sure they are healthy, fed well, have adequate space to
    run around in freedom, play time etc. This is not fair :(

  14. Anne Boleyn says:

    Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn

  15. Lisa Monroe says:

    Unfathomable…and … Unfathomable…and these seemingful “peaceful” f”””king cruel Omish are
    godly…please…they are cruel, heartless animal abusers…the worst of
    all animal abusers in America.

  16. Lee Anne Pearson says:

    how can poeple do … how can poeple do that hard to watch this

  17. Andrea Janse van Rensburg says:

    Yet another reason … Yet another reason why I hate humans

  18. PurdyBear1 says:

    Great programme. I … Great programme. I adopt from rescues and wont find a dog another way.
    They are so loving, so deserving and they NEED YOU!

  19. kelsey heffernan says:

    my hamster has a … my hamster has a bigger cage then some of the dogs

  20. Jo. Unrau says:

    Heartbreaking. I’ll … Heartbreaking. I’ll never understand the low life scum who abuse animals.
    Puppy mills should be illegal everywhere.

  21. Kameron Brown says:

    That’s so sad that … That’s so sad that happen to Oprah’s dog

  22. Kavirako says:

    “So I’m driving … “So I’m driving into work, I see the billboard: ‘Oprah, do this for the
    dogs because they need you.’ It got my attention.”
    “Great, that’s– that’s– that’s what we were hoping for”
    “Yes, yes.”


  23. bernadette pilar says:

    I’m very sad very … I’m very sad very very sad for these dogs!

  24. Mme Apfel says:

    Discusting the way … Discusting the way they treat animals… 

  25. Brandon McDonnell says:

    Seriously wanna … Seriously wanna beat the out of these people who own puppy mills 

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