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Missaukee County Puppy Mill Rescue 2013

0 Missaukee County Puppy Mill Rescue 2013Missaukee County Puppy Mill Rescue 2013

Duration : 0:1:33

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3 Responses to “Missaukee County Puppy Mill Rescue 2013”

  1. xradelox says:

    It honestly would … It honestly would not take much for a federal law to be passed saying that puppy mills are illegal and that selling puppies in pet stores is illegal. That would make such a drastic difference literally over night. I just don’t understand…

  2. Jamie Fry says:

    Thanks for helping … Thanks for helping them! When are there going to be new episodes of animal cops? Miss you guys. Puppy mills,dog fighting and fighting need to be banned. Horable and scenceless. Keep up the good work MHS!

  3. russellrescueca says:

    Thank you for … Thank you for saving them! Heartbreaking.

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