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Meet Molly, She’s Helping Us Fight Puppy Mills!

0 Meet Molly, Shes Helping Us Fight Puppy Mills!Molly and her dog Joey explain how puppy mills are bad and why to avoid pet stores that sell puppies.

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*Please ensure that young children are supervised when around pets*

Thank you!

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10 Responses to “Meet Molly, She’s Helping Us Fight Puppy Mills!”

  1. Tita Scall says:

    No this is wrong … No this is wrong you have to buy puppy’s from puppy shops to help the puppy’s

  2. logan franks says:

    I truly agree with … I truly agree with this but I would still buy from a shelter and and store simply because your taking animals who never gotten to be loved or played and giving them that Chance

  3. drachen0155aj says:

    Awsome, rescued … Awsome, rescued puppys make the best friends. All my dogs have been rescued from shelters or from the street & have been the best kids ever!

  4. Claudia Lucky says:

    Its true Its true

  5. kibawolflve124 says:

    awww so cute ^-^ awww so cute ^-^

  6. bratzcandy123 says:

    Puppies and babies. … Puppies and babies. They finally know what to do to get costumers

  7. Tia Rose says:

    this is ADORABLE! this is ADORABLE!

  8. Henry Dinh says:

    So cute!!! So cute!!!

  9. potyoyo2010 says:

    there is a dog … there is a dog store near my house but they only sell dogs and puppies.

  10. TheTurtlevlog says:

    Awwww Molly and … Awwww Molly and Joey is so cute!

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