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Knox County Ohio Puppy Mill –

0 Knox County Ohio Puppy Mill  Recorded March 2012 – ev
This is considered ok and to standards in our state. Most are breeder dogs. A life time of misery in cages without bedding, toys, exercise, toys.

Day after day. This is it until they can no longer produce a puppy. This Kennel is actually a cleaner one compared to others out there. Disgusting!

What can you do??

1. Do not buy puppies from pet stores and on line. Adopt!

2. Fight for local ordinances that get rid of puppy mills or improve standard of care.

3. Contact your state and federal legislators

4. Educate, educate!! Yourself and others!

Duration : 0:20:5

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25 Responses to “Knox County Ohio Puppy Mill –”

  1. AstronomyGuru84 says:

    Disgusting. Money, … Disgusting. Money, money, money. That’s all they care about. 

  2. blackops6969 says:

    Lol these rat dogs … Lol these rat dogs suck anyway

  3. LickingFox says:

    This is so sad to … This is so sad to see right here in Knox County. The poor dogs often get
    deformed feet from the wire cages. Dno’t know why it can’t be stopped!

  4. FasterThan YoursMC says:

    What kennel is this … What kennel is this and is it in Knox or Danville?

  5. Liza Westfall says:

    Sickening. Sickening.

  6. Delilah Winstead says:

    I have seen a … I have seen a program about this. This is widespread, however in this
    area(outskirts of Danville) some Amish run puppy mills. Whoever has these
    places do NOT want the general public to go in and see how “well” these
    poor animals are treated! I can’t understand how cruel these people are to
    animals. Legal or not in Ohio does not mean that the animals are treated
    with respect and kindness. This is horrendous. Praying for these poor

  7. Virginia4317 says:

    I’ve been seeing … I’ve been seeing this all over FB! Several dozen rescues and advocates have
    been sharing Tom Coleman’s reports. He came from Alma, GA (my birth state).
    Horrible reputation there. He packed up and left for Ohio last year when he
    had major canine illness’s in his barn. He was not to move dogs. Your ODA
    or the USDA needs to be called if they haven’t already!

  8. Maggie May says:

    Danville Danville

  9. Kathy Buck says:

    If this situation … If this situation has not been addressed yet, please let me know! You can
    email me at

  10. Ashley Gilbert says:

    Just unbelievable … Just unbelievable that you have all these dogs locked up like this they all
    need to be taken away fixed and found new homes were they wont be locked up
    all there life forced to have puppies because you can’t her a real job give
    me the address I dare ya

  11. Miles Gentry says:

    The dogs are … The dogs are yelping and bouncing around cause they want to get out of the
    cages. It’s been more than 2 days and no ones been prosecuted. You know
    why? Because no laws are being broken.

  12. Maggie May says:

    Still there. Still there.

  13. Rawvegan Grandma says:

    Our 8 year old … Our 8 year old yorkie poo was a puppy mill dog. We adopted her from a
    rescue organization shortly after she weaned her puppies. She has a (green)
    numbered tatoo inside her left ear, which calculates when she was in heat.
    She had 10 to 12 litters in her 6 yrs. When we 1st got her, she was
    TERRIFIED of everything, especially my husband and the garden hose. 2 yrs.
    later she’s like a different dog – she’s fixed and she has a GOOD LIFE with
    our 2 other rescue dogs. Please, everyone, ADOPT!!!

  14. emeralddoll says:

    Where did you get … Where did you get all these animals? I have a friend who is deaf and her
    service animal was stolen. All white with tan on her ears. Chihuahua. She
    thinks one in this video is her missing service dog. Someone please contact
    me I am not saying you stole any of them but perhaps someone else did and
    she ended up there. Please send me an e-mail.

  15. McChillen2424 says:

    your kidding me … your kidding me right tinketpug02? your actually sticking up for this
    S.O.B? Not only does he not care about breeding good looking and quality
    dogs he obviously just sees only the profit that he can make from them.
    Imagine your life spent in a cage only to be bred, have puppies, wean the
    puppies, eat, lay in your own feces, then do it all over again in 2 months?
    what kind of quality of life would that be?

  16. laura howard says:

    I believe it’s … I believe it’s Danville in Knox county

  17. Lois Johnson says:

    This is disgusting. … This is disgusting. I don’t want this in our county. I will be coming back
    home soon and will be making some calls.

  18. Robyn Moran says:


  19. AlwaysaNavyGirl says:

    so there’s no … so there’s no rescue in this video? Has the footage been shared with
    authorities? Poor little guys.

  20. Paul Harrison says:

    I have never seen … I have never seen anything like this. Now I will understand what a puppy
    mill is when people talk about them. I will write our commissioners about

  21. Kathy Buck says:

    Where in Knox … Where in Knox County is this????

  22. Webkinzwarrior128 says:

    This is duiscusting. This is duiscusting.

  23. laura howard says:

    I agree, this is … I agree, this is horrible for those poor lovable creatures. Dogs are such
    loving, faithful, forgiving, caring, sweet creatures. Why does money have
    to be so important that cruelty can be done so easily? This makes me cry.

  24. Marti Who says:

    No wonder there is … No wonder there is such an overpopulation of dogs. And, to think of all the
    dogs that are euthanized because they can’t find homes. We certainly don’t
    need more dogs. Standing on that cage bottom has to be painful on their
    feet. I noticed the dogs are either hyper or cowering in the back of the
    cage. They are socially & psychologically unhealthy. It’s obvious they
    aren’t being groomed or taken care of medically. How can this be legal?

  25. tinketpug02 says:

    Beautiful kennel … Beautiful kennel happy healthy dogs bouncing around like 3 graders at a
    birthday party.Wonder if the person that posted this had permission or did
    they break and enter to film.Also wondering if they know that the owners
    brothers are attorneys and that his oldest brother graduated in 68 from law
    school with Joe bidden.Must certainly know that within two days the owner
    of this ultra modern facility will have their IP address and will prosecute
    to the fullest extent the law allows,just saying?

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