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The Greatest Christmas Surprise – A Boxer Puppy

0 The Greatest Christmas Surprise   A Boxer PuppyShocked family with new puppy when on return from our Christmas vacation. I knew they would be surprised and happy, but I didn’t expect this…
Son pointed out how to get to the highlights: Press 3 and´╗┐ then 6 (such a loving son ­čśë

Duration : 0:4:35

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25 Responses to “The Greatest Christmas Surprise – A Boxer Puppy”

  1. sumotaby says:

    If I said no to … If I said no to mine, she would´╗┐ leave me.

  2. a237mL says:

    Lol “I did ugly cry … Lol “I did ugly cry.”´╗┐

  3. Andrew Valentine says:

    That was the´╗┐ … That was the´╗┐ cutest video ever!

  4. juki0h says:

    thats´╗┐ how you do … thats´╗┐ how you do it, buy a puppy

  5. jdog1ul says:

    I have´╗┐ a name. I have´╗┐ a name.

  6. dmsilva1 says:

    Yes, she definitely … Yes, she definitely was. My wife had been asking, begging, for a puppy since our previous boxer, Maverick, passed away. I had said no´╗┐ since our youngest was a toddler (he is now 8), then was a series of problems: no time (we started a business) no money (we have been through various levels of financial since 2007), no backyard (we converted it to a garden), and finally I didn’t want to share a coach, bed with a dog. She, and my daughter, got a lot of NO. But I love them.

  7. 534667lc says:

    The´╗┐ mother looks … The´╗┐ mother looks more surprised then the kids

  8. TheRosienose says:

    Awww. I want a … Awww. I want a family like yours when I’m older :’) You even have´╗┐ a fireplace burning in the background! haha We never have christmas like that! lol

  9. Mysticflyy says:

    Once´╗┐ she put the … Once´╗┐ she put the milk down that was it ! Very happy family ! Cute Puppy !!!

  10. htrfdes says:

    made me cry…….. … made me cry…………….´╗┐ ­čÖé

  11. SusanMillionAir12 says:

    I´╗┐ cried I´╗┐ cried

  12. wolfbabe68 says:

    dude,´╗┐ ya made me … dude,´╗┐ ya made me cry!

  13. furygeist says:

    That was´╗┐ wonderful … That was´╗┐ wonderful. She’s adorable and it put a big smile on my face on how happy your family was.

  14. ChasingIQs says:

    Greatest … Greatest presentation ever! Your family seems so thankful for the new´╗┐ addition to the family. Especially your lovely (and extremely happy) wife! Well done!! ­čÖé

  15. RoflEpicFail says:

    There’s nothing … There’s nothing like crying while holding a gallon of´╗┐ milk ­čÖé lol

  16. AuntyTray says:

    Am now crying with … Am now crying with your wife !! So lovely !´╗┐

  17. MlssCue says:

    Awww that was SO … Awww that was SO sweet of you & her cry made me laugh, but a happy laugh´╗┐ for her…and I love the name Layla!

  18. shiboof says:

    Yes, Mom, you did … Yes, Mom, you did the ugly cry!! So´╗┐ dang sweet!!

  19. MultiJearbear says:

    wow the other boy … wow the other boy doesnt´╗┐ even care

  20. shannydew says:

    hahaha! I LOVE the … hahaha! I LOVE the girls reactions!!! I would totally cry too!´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  21. boondocksaint909 says:

    Excellent. I have a … Excellent. I have a fetish for DVD menus – this video is perfect.´╗┐

  22. HokiePokieful says:

    AWWW´╗┐ AWWW´╗┐

  23. seniseviyorumgesanim says:

    hahahaha so sweeet … hahahaha so sweeet ! :D´╗┐

  24. justinbeiberchikaluv says:

    OMG annoying´╗┐ OMG annoying´╗┐

  25. kitty88081 says:

    At first she seems´╗┐ … At first she seems´╗┐ totally pissed, and then she’s bawling…..So confused….

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