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Christmas Puppy Surprise Compilation 2014-2015

0 Christmas Puppy Surprise Compilation 2014 2015Christmas present puppy | Dog for Christmas | Getting Dogs for Christmas | Getting a Dog for Christmas | getting a cute puppy as a christmas present | Getting a Puppy for Christmas | Pet for Christmas | Getting Puppies for Christmas |Puppy for Christmas | my children surprised with christmas present: a puppy

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25 Responses to “Christmas Puppy Surprise Compilation 2014-2015”

  1. Lord Mordecai says:

    You don’t put a … You don’t put a poppy in a close box, what is wrong
    with those assholes!

  2. Ning3n says:


  3. Julian Collissmith says:

    A dog is for life, … A dog is for life, not only for Christmas! 

  4. Zhonguoria says:

    This is a very bad … This is a very bad idea – NEVER give puppies as a surprise!! Pets are not
    presents – they are lives and adopter must make a lifetime commitment for
    the life of the pet! Have the kids and the entire family go to the animal
    shelter together, and when the kids commits to taking care of the pet, THEN
    adopt as a family. Even with the commitment, parents know they must make
    sure the pet is well cared for even if the kids fail their

  5. Auburn FIesta says:

    why arent their air … why arent their air holes in the gift box?!? Thank God the puppy didn’t die

  6. Barbie Quinn says:

    I got surprised … I got surprised with a teacup Chihuahua a few weeks after Christmas! She is
    7 weeks old, and weighs about 5 or 6 ounces!!! Her name is Grace. My mom
    says she was so cheap and so she was from the grace of God! That’s why we
    named her Grace! I still consider her a Christmas Gift. I got her Saturday!
    She is the sweetest. We even made a sweater for her out of a fluffy sock!
    When she gets older she will be like 2 or maybe 3 pounds. Probably not even

  7. Jamie Hui says:

    I’m soooo happy for … I’m soooo happy for them, yet jealous…:'(

  8. Just.Make It.Wow says:

    The funniest thing … The funniest thing about this video is that ‘ Oh My God ‘ reaction of the
    kids and everyone else. 😀 This is really funny. But anyway the puppies are
    damn cute and I love them too !♥♥♥

  9. lumbermilljack says:

    dog is not a toy dog is not a toy

  10. Bobby Hill says:

    you better have … you better have airholes in them or you a murderer

  11. jgCSpewds says:

    I love how the girl … I love how the girl just “killed the dog”by shaking the box

  12. HashtagSoFab says:

    The sentence said … The sentence said during this video: “oh my gosh!!!”

  13. J. Lee says:

    Its really not nice … Its really not nice to put a puppy in a box as it was scared and there are
    other ways that would be kinder to the animal. Hopefully Christmas time
    won’t take away from all the care a new puppy requires!

  14. MrAgora7 (BSG no lifer) says:

    Im not saying … Im not saying coyrights or anything, but its a little bit stupid to take
    some other peoples videos and then pur your name in it. I domt say you did
    something illegal, but it was a little idiotic

  15. Shiro Yasha says:

    1.05 girl wow is … 1.05 girl wow is very crasy

  16. Smike says:

    I liked the one … I liked the one where she opened it and she almost dropped the box around
    1:00 to 1:15

  17. bubblegum jamjam says:

    OMG kaelyn from … OMG kaelyn from sevensupergirls!!! She’s the girl in the orange shirt with
    braces check out their channel

  18. Mary Vivian says:

    Apparently a lot of … Apparently a lot of parents need to teach their children not to use God’s
    name in vain.

  19. Usagi Plays Minecraft says:

    1:55 why the heck … 1:55 why the heck Kaelyn is here?

  20. Léa O'Reilly says:

    The poor dogs can’t … The poor dogs can’t even breathe

  21. 11mcitws says:

    i want one of those … i want one of those on 1:02

  22. Courtney Kimber says:

    And I ment it to … And I ment it to the one under neeth

  23. Paris says:

    The second puppy … The second puppy looked so scared at the scream it made me laugh XD

    I’m a bad person :(

  24. ruby o says:

    u get in a box … u get in a box without holes see how u feel…dumb humans

  25. Ka4en Perez says:

    This is the best … This is the best video ever

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