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Christmas pup, Piper the Golden Retriever Surprise Puppy Gift

0 Christmas pup, Piper the Golden Retriever Surprise Puppy GiftQuad Mom pup, Piper the Golden Retriever Surprise Puppy Gift

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25 Responses to “Christmas pup, Piper the Golden Retriever Surprise Puppy Gift”

  1. iRRichiee says:

    Parenting….you … Parenting….you are doing it right. 

  2. verycoolchicka says:

    Perhaps you should … Perhaps you should have gave your husband some condoms as a gift?

  3. Yara Ren says:

    Wow! Was she one … Wow! Was she one busy mom! But no, I can tell she is doing great! That is
    actually my dream to have at least 5 kids! 7 if I have enough money! haha

  4. leroy brown says:

    I just watch the … I just watch the news and a course it was all bad and then I watch this and
    felt a whole lot better about the world thanks this is cool stuff

  5. LPS pink says:

    After all the … After all the screaming I think piper got deaf

  6. LuKasAV6 says:

    I love the blissful … I love the blissful chaos – LOL!

  7. renegado100 says:

    Dog : ” I am not … Dog : ” I am not freeze but scare of these 6 kids !! “

  8. Diobanny Jimenez says:

    poor dog lol poor dog lol

  9. LPS pink says:

    After she took it … After she took it out and when she came back in her house she had not
    reaction she was completely plain! it’s like she didn’t like it after one
    of her siblings said Name in Chloe!

  10. Lights Sora says:

    With that many kids … With that many kids a dog is the last thing y’all need.

  11. TheMango121 says:

    Poor dog… Poor dog…

  12. Allo Dyno says:

    So adorable! For … So adorable! For one, it was smart of the dad to make sure that everyone
    had the right gift! Giving the oldest girl the pooper scooper was a total
    giveaway of the real gift. The little girls reaction was the cutest thing
    though!!!! She started crying… lol Aww I felt so bad but could help but
    smile. 🙂 

  13. princepeterwolf says:

    poor dog poor dog

  14. Rick Parker says:

    Congrats:-) 🙂 🙂 … Congrats:-) 🙂 🙂 

  15. craig galves says:

    you are bless with … you are bless with a wonderfull family and cute puppy

  16. CloudyGaming says:


  17. ThatAwkwardShipper says:

    You dont pick a dog … You dont pick a dog up like that DUHH

  18. Carolina Lopez says:

    They are cute … They are cute puppy’s

  19. Danielle Watson says:

    Holy that poor … Holy that poor dog

  20. germexicana says:


  21. Sc0pee says:

    She’s holding the … She’s holding the dog wrong :(

  22. John Lane says:

    Lol I love the way … Lol I love the way the big sister was like “this is my dog”

  23. Mike Miller says:

    Poor pup way too … Poor pup way too many kids u scaring poor thing and learn how carry pup
    always hand under bum too support pup never keep outside my dog sleeps with
    me always she has own blanket

  24. wilfrid fred says:

    And the puppy … And the puppy thought:”Who The are all those mini humans beeing who
    make so much noize?”

  25. Maggie Dean says:

    Y’all need some … Y’all need some puppy care etiquette. You don’t scream around dogs. You
    just don’t. And you DON’T leave them out in the cold. Sheesh.

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