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Best Puppies Surprise Compilation Video

0 Best Puppies Surprise Compilation VideoPuppys Surprise Compilation Video

Duration : 0:8:37

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25 Responses to “Best Puppies Surprise Compilation Video”

  1. Swamptreader says:

    excuse me while i … excuse me while i pull my blubbering self off the floor

  2. RynoKillir says:

    I got a puppy for … I got a puppy for my b-day when I was 7. Her name was puddles and was fun.
    But two years later her acl was torn from one of her back legs then the
    other leg. So we have two choices to keep her in pain for about $500 or put
    her down and keep her ashes. So we decided to put her out of her misery. I
    have her still and my cat (died last year). So after puddles passed we got
    a Britney Spaniel. We named him chewy. He is my best buddy, we play and
    love each other. So he is currently 2 and a half years old and healthy. We
    love him dearly (even if he is a snot). So don’t abuse little beings of
    life if they pee on the floor. The only time you have to beat a dog, is
    when they attack. Good night.

  3. Court says:

    That’s just soo … That’s just soo cuuuuuute

  4. KaptainRogers says:

    I wish this could … I wish this could happen to me.
    But my dad would kick the puppy out the door. He hates dogs. Cats. And
    pretty much all pets.
    I still have to wait a few years but it’ll be worth it to have a dog of my

  5. theblackrosedaughter says:

    I love it when … I love it when people break down and the puppy is like O.o ” Wut I doo??”

  6. Awakened_Dreams says:

    Reminds me of when … Reminds me of when I got my gsd puppy. I had been wanting a dog since I was
    seven. I still say it was worth the wait. Those of you still waiting! Don’t
    give up! You’ll get your dog or other animal someday!

  7. Daniel De León Andrade says:

    Laught WTF 7:01
    Laught WTF

  8. Catherine Van says:

    I wish I had this … I wish I had this for my childhood…I watch this in envy…I been wishing
    for a puppy/dog since I could ever remember and living in a house when I
    couldn’t have one for 21 years is heart breaking, I know I will have one
    just hits my feelings hard…I’m happy for those girls though, I’d cry like
    them if I had one..

  9. SoraSky16 says:

    i am a kid also and … i am a kid also and your only wish is to have a dog on x mas or your

  10. Mark Dark says:

    damn, I have to … damn, I have to kill 1000 men to feel manly again, this Ninjas with
    Onions man! 

  11. ncrc says:

    Stop cutting onions … Stop cutting onions please..

  12. Ammie Cat says:

    I’ve only watched … I’ve only watched the first one and i’m tearing lol

  13. rick charles says:

    Funniest part is … Funniest part is how each of the dogs have a look like “What?”
    Hope the moms and dads realize (especially the last one) giving an puppy to
    a teenager means, when they go off to college you have a dog for life. I’ve
    “inherited” 5 that way.
    No I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.

  14. Erica A. Morin says:

    I absolutely love … I absolutely love the children that hug their parents and say thank you
    before they even hold the dog. Such wonderful kids.

  15. Tracy Guan says:

    I would cry too if … I would cry too if I got one.

  16. Hunte Storey says:

    That’s a really … That’s a really cool one the 1 st one

  17. czachoska says:

    i agree its hard ;) i agree its hard ;)

  18. Ruud Roos says:

    Best Puppies … Best Puppies Surprise Compilation Video:

  19. Border Alen says:

    dogs are not gifts, … dogs are not gifts, their living being…i just hope the people are taking
    good care of them and dont dump em when there not so cute and
    adorable…also i hope their up to the task,it aint easy to have a puppy…

  20. WakkoYakko says:

    Those Dogs are all … Those Dogs are all like “wtf is happening here!?”

  21. Hunte Storey says:

    No I mean all of … No I mean all of them I love people being happy

  22. DravenWolfe says:

    Very Cute vid, tbut … Very Cute vid, tbut Geeze, I do not recall getting this emotional when I
    got my Rott Pup and eleven years later she’s an old girl, now. Though she
    doesn’t seem to know that, 🙂 

  23. Jos Bille says:


  24. pabloesco2007 says:

    At 6:52 , it’s … At 6:52 , it’s Francky’s voice (Manga One piece) looool ,
    Suuuuuuuuuppppppeeeeeerrrrrrrrr !!!!!

  25. Annxssv says:

    When the puppy so … When the puppy so cute u cry

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