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Washington Full Circle: Pet Lovers!

0 Washington Full Circle: Pet Lovers!One of DCN’s most popular series is now a daily show! The new and expanded Washington Full Circle now offers viewers five times as many sights, sounds and stories all focused on what makes DC such an exciting place to live, work and play!

Whether it’s LIVE in the studio or out on the streets, show host Ferman Patterson and the Washington Full Circle team serve up the best of the city all in one setting. Also during the week, some of Washington’s most interesting people stop by the studio for a friendly chat — from newsmakers and trendsetters to civic leaders and celebrities – to everything in between.

Plus, in one of the show’s regular features, the Washington Full Circle team offers viewers some great ideas about living for the weekend, as they share their own favorite places, spaces and things to do in Washington after the work week is over.

Duration : 0:23:1

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11 Responses to “Washington Full Circle: Pet Lovers!”

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  8. Honey Carr says:

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  9. Kim Warren says:

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  10. qtpieinla says:

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  11. Cecelia Lumpkins says:

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