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Lavien Multi-Use Leather Leash – For Pet Lovers, by Pet Lovers!

0 Lavien Multi Use Leather Leash   For Pet Lovers, by Pet Lovers!Kickstarter:

Lavien Multi-Use Leather Leash-For Pet Lovers,by Pet Lovers

Lavien’s new multi-functional leash features an innovative design catered to dog lovers who desire practicality and luxury in an affordable package. Lavien finished the design and prototyping phases and are now getting ready to bring this product to market and that’s where the Kickstarter community comes in! They need your pledges to help make this leash a reality for dog lovers worldwide. Please join them on their journey to build a one-stop-shop leash that provides everything you need at the highest quality!

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14 Responses to “Lavien Multi-Use Leather Leash – For Pet Lovers, by Pet Lovers!”

  1. Pets Universal says:

    Super nice multi … Super nice multi functional dog collar!

  2. Pets Universal says:

    Pawesome 5-1 dog … Pawesome 5-1 dog collar!

  3. Pets Universal says:

    Super cool dog … Super cool dog collar!

  4. Pets Universal says:

    Amazing multi use … Amazing multi use dog collar!

  5. Michel BURTE II says:

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    speech (too low). and maybe think aboot a better microphone clipped on you.

  6. HELLRAISEHR says:

    Super nice..i wanna … Super nice..i wanna get one for my dog. He would love it. 

  7. Marleon Zachawerus says:

    That croch action … That croch action tho <3

  8. L. Ich says:

    Oh yeah, you call … Oh yeah, you call yourself a pet lover, while using a LEATHER
    leash… makes so much sense

  9. JakeTreats says:

    That’s a really … That’s a really nice collar. 

  10. Ben Whoever says:

    nice legs nice legs

  11. smoshtobypewds says:

    Why can I not … Why can I not unsubscribe from you! I never subscribed in the first

  12. The Guinea Pig Boss says:

    First comment First comment

  13. Lousi Love says:

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  14. Zubara 123 says:

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