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Beaver’s Revenge – The “Dam” Grizzly Threw Me!

0 Beavers Revenge   The Dam Grizzly Threw Me!Out for a short ride before a snow storm was supposed to hit. As usual, these quick rides turned out to be an action filled afternoon. We couldn’t believe how many beaver dams we came across! There must be a lot of beaver in the area! Seems that the beavers were out to seek revenge on me for breaking one of their dams. They cursed me with a voo-doo hex that resulted in the Grizzly throwing me off and me almost landing in a beaver pond!! We were experimenting with some different settings on the go pro, so the movie is actually not in HD but seems to look pretty good!
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25 Responses to “Beaver’s Revenge – The “Dam” Grizzly Threw Me!”

  1. cubbeezx says:

    Actually, I just … Actually, I just did a search and if you search youtube for this video “GoPro HD Hero: Firmware Update – One Button Mode”, it will show you how to set it up. I would post a link, but youtube won’t let you! There may be other videos that show you also, but this one seems to be ok.

  2. 700trippleg says:

    can you please put … can you please put a video on you power saver set up uon your go pro?!!!

  3. cubbeezx says:

    Yes, they are … Yes, they are pretty good little engineers! lol

  4. 700trippleg says:

    its so neat how the … its so neat how the water doesnt leak through that eh?..

  5. cubbeezx says:

    Thank you very … Thank you very much! Yes, we really like our little Kodiak. We usually try to post 1 or 2 videos a week, so stay tuned and thanks for watching!

  6. Yamaha Grizzly says:

    hey man i love ur … hey man i love ur vidos. i my self have a grizzly/kodiak 450. the are a great quad. plz keep posting vidos as i really enjoy watchin them.

  7. cubbeezx says:

    Thank you very much … Thank you very much! We are in North Western Ontario, half way between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. Thanks for watching.

  8. DMIMAGE says:

    Your videos are … Your videos are awesome, where is this in Ont?

  9. cubbeezx says:

    Thank you very much … Thank you very much! We really appreciate that. Did a 77 km. ride today. The video won’t be ready for a few days, but there are some pictures up on our facebook page. Saw two bears, but they ran in to the bush before I could get the camera on them.

  10. NRP1991 says:

    awesome videos … awesome videos please keep uploading and kkeeping us up to date lots of fans here in ohio!!!

  11. cubbeezx says:

    Thanks, we … Thanks, we appreciate that!

  12. 22jakesteel says:

    Yep, its a … Yep, its a beautiful place to ride, well keep the videos coming. they get better and better!

  13. cubbeezx says:

    Thanks! Yes, we are … Thanks! Yes, we are in North Western Ontario Canada, kinda right in the middle of the country.

  14. 22jakesteel says:

    Great videos! wish … Great videos! wish i had a place like that to ride. Im guessing your somewhere in Michigan’s U.P. or in Canada. Am i right?

  15. cubbeezx says:

    Thanks. Got them … Thanks. Got them from Royal Distributing.

  16. dirtandsnow14 says:

    Hey sweet video, … Hey sweet video, and sweet quad! Where did you get those hand guards?

  17. cubbeezx says:

    Thank you very much … Thank you very much! We appreciate that!

  18. DoubleDarl says:

    Love watching your … Love watching your videos! Keep them coming lol

  19. FerrariFreak24 says:

    i really dont know … i really dont know lol

  20. cubbeezx says:

    I went back to the … I went back to the original footage, and it kinda looked like a piece of mud falling off of the lug of the tire! Let’s just hope so! lol

  21. FerrariFreak24 says:

    ik you were doing … ik you were doing that funny litte foot dance lol, and it looked like it had 8 legs and it was crawling lol, sorry bout the scare

  22. cubbeezx says:

    Holy Crap! I sure … Holy Crap! I sure hope not!!! Let’s hope that was a frog or something! I wish you didn’t tell me that, I was just laying there on the ground!! lol

  23. FerrariFreak24 says:

    Was that a spider … Was that a spider at 10:12?

  24. cubbeezx says:

    lol! Thanks for … lol! Thanks for watching!

  25. FerrariFreak24 says:

    Yay u uploaded … Yay u uploaded more vids! Now I can enjoy more of your quad riding 🙂

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