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Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground

0 Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common GroundDogs can help ranchers and predators co-exist? Watch this video and learn how it works! To learn more, visit

*Please note that not all LGDs are trained or reared the same way, and therefore not all are as approachable as those featured in this video.

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Duration : 0:7:19

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23 Responses to “Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground”

  1. fatcatcook says:

    Llamas are better, … Llamas are better, sheep are scared of the dogs, llamas will kill coyotes to keep all livestock safe.

  2. m1shadow says:

    I absolutely will! … I absolutely will! Do you like the German shepherd? I like them because they were bred to do the job of livestock guardian and herder in 1. A lot of people know them as military/police dogs bit forget their history as they were bred to both guard sheep from predators and also herd them doing the job of 2 in 1. I will do all i can to get this video popular as im very fond of livestock guardians and their jobs!

  3. Conservation Media says:

    Glad you liked the … Glad you liked the film. Please spread it around everywhere you can! And take a moment to follow us on Facebook. The link is in the video description.

  4. m1shadow says:

    I loved this video! … I loved this video!! Liked and Favorited! I love all breeds, but have a special admiration for the livestock guardian dogs as aside from representing 1 of the oldest jobs of dogs, they also have an important job and save lives of both predator and prey. The Anatolian, CAO, Maremma, and Great Pyrenees are awesome.

  5. Bill Donavan says:

    We had a Lab/Akbash … We had a Lab/Akbash? who just died. He was a 100+lb white teddy bear. He was silently alpha everywhere he went and guarded our small boys from 50 feet away for 13 years. If coyotes were howling, he’d quietly walk the perimeter and stay up all night, then come in and look around to see all was in order. A good dog is gentle with kids but somehow puts out a crazy vibe to other animals. We stumbled into understanding what a herd/guard dog is all about at our local shelter 13 years ago. Nice film.

  6. hasan gökhan says:

    Anatolian Shepherd … Anatolian Shepherd best

  7. Conservation Media says:

    Thanks for pointing … Thanks for pointing this out Nancy. We will put a small caveat in the description.

  8. Nancy Tanner says:

    This is such an … This is such an awesome video. I just hope that a family without a lot of knowledge of these breeds doesn’t think they can have one in a family pet neighborhood and expect kids to hang all over them. I work with quite a few LGD on ranches and in family homes, while some are great, others are dangerous with incorrect handling and management.

  9. beronija lex says:

    great !!! great !!!

  10. tarzan57991 says:


  11. nico1et says:

    you guys are great … you guys are great – wish there were more like you, especially in the u.s.

  12. metocco says:

    Beautiful and good … Beautiful and good dogs!

  13. Gene G. says:

    Nice parity/ … Nice parity/coexistence with a surrounding wildlife! Good job! Though, you should try a Cocasian Mountain sheep dog…

  14. Pamela Simmons says:

    This is amazing… This is amazing…

  15. molos says:

    Think that this … Think that this story misses something…. Macedonian Sharplaninec dogs by me are the best for this type of work. Their senses are more developed,they sense all predators far more earlier, and their abilities are greater then other breeds and more efficient by securing their perimeter, they are more sturdy,agile,strong,brave,consistent,loyal,and durable.

  16. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead says:

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  17. Ruslan Sultanov says:

    great video !  … … great video !  … and by the way, check out our alabai dogs at alabaiCA

  18. Conservation Media says:

    In the video … In the video description, we’ve posted a link to People & Carnivores, the go to source for co-existence solutions. Ask for Steve. Best of luck.

  19. SAP06 says:

    That’s a subject … That’s a subject of much debate, even in Turkey.

  20. SAP06 says:

    Cynthia – depends … Cynthia – depends on where you live. There are some breeders around but still not many kangals in the US, especially proven working lines. Contact me via the people and carnivores web page to discuss your needs.

  21. chuggerboom1 says:

    Those Kangals are … Those Kangals are the best protector of flocks, and that what they were bred to do. They will take on Wolves and any other animal that threatens the flock.

  22. Cynthia Neufeld says:

    I need a female … I need a female kangle. Who do I contact from this production?

  23. Thedeathlego says:

    Aren’t kangals just … Aren’t kangals just a bigger Anatolian

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