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What Dog Food is Best? Orijen!

0 What Dog Food is Best? Orijen!
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13 Responses to “What Dog Food is Best? Orijen!”

  1. Mark Gailmor says:

    the best food you … the best food you can give to a dog is 100% prey model raw. They need bones
    and organs. Kibble isn’t natural for dogs and I would never give kibble to
    my dogs. Orijen is a good product but I still would only feed this to them
    in an emergency.

  2. Lana Louis says:

    Actually, a raised … Actually, a raised bowl has been linked to gastric torsion, so it shouldn-t
    be done unless a specific dog has an orthopedic problem.

  3. Ferrymist91 says:

    Jamie Flynn Thank … Jamie Flynn Thank You So Much For This Information, You Really Gave Me
    Beautifully Educational Info Sweetheart 🙂 And I Mean It From the Bottom
    Of My Heart Honestly !!!!!

  4. Lee Thornhill says:

    There is now a … There is now a British dog food called Eden which is better dry food but
    raw is the best.

  5. David Villarreal says:

    Selena<3 Selena<3

  6. Oasis Of The Seas and Dog lover says:

    Dry Food does not … Dry Food does not brush their teeth. Homemade food or Raw is the best you
    can give your dog.

  7. Jamie Flynn says:

    its good to elevate … its good to elevate the dogs bowl it aids in digestion..By raising the
    bowls up off the floor it helps our fury friends in the following areas:
    Better posture, especially with older pets. Better digestion – food moves
    from mouth to stomach quicker and easier. Less stress on the Pasterns
    (canine forearm/wrist area) Less “leaning”, relieves stress on hips and
    shoulder area.

  8. Milordbovarobernese says:

    I do use Orijen for … I do use Orijen for my B.M.D.

  9. Suraj Sunny says:

    nice video nice video

  10. Takin Thy Bacon says:

    Dog dentures? Lol Dog dentures? Lol

  11. Ivansa Kodyat says:

    Thanks for sharing. … Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. jamesgonzalez25 says:

    Nice video and good … Nice video and good tips . Thanks !

  13. MarksWoman9 says:

    I agree about the … I agree about the wet food. My dog became overweight when we fed him wet
    mixed in with his kibble. He is now on Orijen Regional Reds and he is
    returning to his athletic build again. We also supplement with Natural
    Instincts raw patties for some variety. Jett is a 5yr black lab 95lbs.
    Great video!

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