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The Truth About Your Dog’s Food (Documentary in HD!!!)

0 The Truth About Your Dogs Food (Documentary in HD!!!)Enjoy and please like/subscribe and leave your comments!!!
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Duration : 0:45:11

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25 Responses to “The Truth About Your Dog’s Food (Documentary in HD!!!)”

  1. Finnian McCann says:

    that vegan lady … that vegan lady should be chopped up and fed to her dogs

  2. issy leybourne says:

    I don’t know what … I don’t know what that lady was on about salmonella shedding on a dog’s
    coat. I have had dogs on a raw diet for over 10 years and have had never
    had any problems with salmonella. as long as you wash your hands and
    surfaces are washed, there should be no problems

  3. Bixbit says:

    I don’t care if an … I don’t care if an adult human only eats beans and veges but for
    sake…. Dogs are omnivorous carnivores they MUST eat meat… and if you
    stuck a skinned rabbit and a plate of broccoli in front of any dog they
    will go for the rabbit. Unless you get a proper veterinarian saying ‘this
    dog cannot eat meat for a,b, and c reasons; Dogs are meat eaters.. uggh and
    dont get me started on small dogs being treated like babies…

  4. mavspecialgirl1 says:

    Pancho is doing … Pancho is doing great.So is my other dog Brownie and cat Annie.All on a
    species appropriate raw food diet

  5. arcadian33333 says:

    if humans eat Mc … if humans eat Mc Donalds imagine what dogs eat

  6. FlyOverZone says:

    Thank you for … Thank you for posting.

  7. Jack DaRipper says:

    Vegan dogs?? Jesus … Vegan dogs?? Jesus christ. Humans are stupid as fuck.

  8. Andrew K says:

    mmm… yummy mmm… yummy

  9. Demoras says:

    Very interesting, … Very interesting, but also kind of difficult. Dog food’s always been
    troubling for me, mainly because dogs can’t actually tell me that it tastes
    weird, or that it makes them feel sick. That always kind of makes me sad,
    because I’ve been the one constantly giving it to the poor thing, and dogs
    tend to be very accepting.
    What I’m getting out of this video is that the over the counter food is not
    necessarily good food, and that either raw or at least lightly cooked high
    grade meat is the best diet for a dog. High protein, low carbs.
    Incidentally a low carb diet is also the healthiest for humans. For my dogs
    I’d personally be more comfortable with lightly cooked meat, because of the
    concerns raised in the video regarding raw meat.

  10. Janet Kreisman says:

    Thanks Dim, I do … Thanks Dim, I do feed my guys a commercial food. The first ingredient is
    Meat and it is grain free. They do very well. As long as you read the
    labels and choose based on that and not advertised hype. I don’t believe
    in raw because when a lab I knew ate a dead animal when he was running in
    the woods he had seizures for days after. The vet said it was due to the
    raw meat.

  11. Tie Wolf says:

    It’s so frustrating … It’s so frustrating that there are vets that are told about the raw diet
    (not BARF, but the Prey Model Raw diet) and they STILL think that
    commercial processed junk is good. They keep saying that if humans can
    consume processed stuff, that our dogs can too – BS! There are numerous
    studies linking cancer to processed crap that people eat along with obesity
    and many other serious health problems. Dogs are animals and they do what
    their body is telling them to in order to feel good and be healthy to
    survive. Dogs that are “craving a sausage” are wanting one because it’s
    what their bodies were designed to consume to feel good and survive. Why
    do humans crave fatty oily foods? Because our bodies want foods that will
    help us survive (not thrive) when we may go hungry and may not have food
    for a few days like when people actually had to work for their food. (we’re
    not quite so evolved after all!)

    Great upload, but this topic gets me all sorts of fired up lol

  12. Finnian McCann says:

    this is like one … this is like one big infomercial 

  13. mavspecialgirl1 says:

    Before I switched … Before I switched to a all raw meat/bones and organs diet 6 years ago my
    Pancho a 15lb Chihuahua mix had the most horrible gas.I mean he could
    literally clear a room full of people LOL!You would never believe that much
    stinky gas could come out of a 15lb dog and he was on one of the so called
    best dry dogfoods “iams”.

  14. Austin Michael says:

    maybe dogs are … maybe dogs are getting sick and everything because their feeding fries
    mcdonalds chicken nuggets and other terrible for your dogs 

  15. Elric Win says:

    Wtf acupuncture on … Wtf acupuncture on your dog? gtfoh…

  16. Johan D.R McKie says:

    WTF!!! Vegan dogs?? … WTF!!! Vegan dogs?????? woman dont kid yourself! them dogs only eating that
    because dogs really would eat asnything if thats all there is around! They
    are made to eat MEAT! Dogs have salmonella naturally in their stomath and
    an acidic PH of 1 (very potent stomach acid) again, raw meat! and those
    guys that said that the vegan food “fixed” Arthritis, humans eat meat and
    suffer from that. the food we feed livestock is as poor as what we feed
    dogs. no wonder we suffer too. Read obout Vitamin K2 when you have time and
    you would see why they have and bone problems!

  17. Finnian McCann says:

    i feed my dogs … i feed my dogs middle price dog food and the leftovers i cant finish and
    they have all been healthy and lived to old age RIP 

  18. PurpleBlades says:

    “No such thing as … “No such thing as humane meat”

    Many of the animals our meat comes from would not exist. They are the
    result of taking animals that would not have survived in the wild and
    raising them ourselves and breeding them. Yes, we raise and kill these
    animals to feed ourselves as well as our pets we take under our wing. Yes,
    meat is murder. But being vegan would mean to watch multiple species go
    extinct. Being Vegan is genocide.

  19. mavspecialgirl1 says:

    Facultative … Facultative carnivores meaning that while dogs can eat plant matter once in
    a great while it is not essential that they have to consume it every day
    week or month unlike meat which is needed for optimal health.Canis lupus
    familaris aka domestic wolf.Only 0.02% mitochondrial seperates dogs from
    grey wolves.I often wonder what a vegan fed dogs yard looks like with all
    that plant matter that passses through of their vegan fed dog.My raw fed
    dogs yard never gets cleaned because their poop dont last forever or stink
    Its disolves within a few days.

  20. Hannah K says:

    This is all well … This is all well and good but when you only have 30$ max to spend on
    dogfood every month what possible natural diet can you suggest to me? If
    someone has a legitimate healthy diet for a dog that I can get for that,
    I’ll be amazed and extremely happy. But I haven’t found it.

  21. Elaine Lighten says:

    Thank you for this! … Thank you for this! Can’t get it on Demand 5 which is a shame as it’s

  22. sandro2011ekej says:

    why to cook food … why to cook food for dog??? They should eat raw and simple food! Twisted
    people !!!

  23. Boobie McGee says:

    Can someone please … Can someone please tell me what dog breed that appears in 8:41? It’s so
    small and cute. I love the fact it follows like that.

  24. Duneenzo says:

    Why the would … Why the would you cook sausages for dogs, vegan or otherwise. Just
    let them thaw and dish them out to the animals, they don’t care whether
    it’s cooked or not.

  25. DeaththeKid93 says:

    My little doggy … My little doggy rather starve herself then eat cheap dog food o,o 

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