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Man vs Dog: Food Eating Contest

0 Man vs Dog: Food Eating ContestI have a food eating contest with my dog Wishbone,

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-Oct. 3rd – Chicago –
-Oct. 4th – Toronto –
-Oct. 5th – Philadelphia –
-Oct. 6th – New York –

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Duration : 0:3:33

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25 Responses to “Man vs Dog: Food Eating Contest”

  1. Bri Bri says:

    #TeamWishbone … #TeamWishbone Also´╗┐ I loved the outro

  2. Wendy Wu says:

    Loved´╗┐ the outro! Loved´╗┐ the outro!

  3. Krisi Frazee says:

    #Team´╗┐ Jc #Team´╗┐ Jc

  4. HyfinGames says:

    #WishBone´╗┐ #WishBone´╗┐

  5. MissTopie says:

    I´╗┐ laughed so hard … I´╗┐ laughed so hard about this video!

  6. Paige Ryder says:

    This is my favorite … This is my favorite one of´╗┐ the week

  7. Emma Mcarthur says:

    Team Wishbone:)´╗┐ Team Wishbone:)´╗┐

  8. elviaalvarez21 says:

    See the cheese on … See the cheese on his´╗┐ nose ^-^ what a cutie

  9. Karol├şna Josef─Źukov├í says:

    Team Wishbone<3.So … Team Wishbone<3.So funny´╗┐ video :D:D:D

  10. Katya Tavi says:

    Hey guys!
    If you´╗┐ … Hey guys!
    If you´╗┐ have a spare minute, I would appreciate it immensely if you could check out my channel!
    Thank You!ÔÖą

  11. rucaa3 says:

    Go Wishbone !´╗┐ ((: Go Wishbone !´╗┐ ((:

  12. Amanda Torres says:

    Sorry, Jc. I love´╗┐ … Sorry, Jc. I love´╗┐ you, but Team Wishbone!!

  13. TheZagmaa says:

    haha omg that face … haha omg that face tho! ÔÖą ­čśÇ 0:24´╗┐

  14. meddie Klausen says:

    you are the first … you are the first english-youtube-boy who make me laugh like this ­čśÇ great video ! greetings from germany ­čÖé hobe my english is not that bad ­čśŤ both of you are very cute i can’t choose who i like more :(´╗┐

  15. horsekanna says:

    #teamJC´╗┐ #teamJC´╗┐

  16. dopelashton says:

    i’m in class … i’m in class trying´╗┐ so hard not to laugh i’m literally dying rn

  17. Caitlyn Hering says:

    team wishbone, omfg … team wishbone, omfg they are coming to my´╗┐ state!!!!!! ahhhhasdfgjkhkhlk

  18. EvieeLollieepop says:

    Team jbone ´╗┐ cant … Team jbone ´╗┐ cant choose ahaha

  19. Vanessa Zaragoza says:

    Hahahahahhaha TEAM … Hahahahahhaha TEAM JC!!!!´╗┐

  20. Vanessa Zaragoza says:

    Heheh TEAM´╗┐ JC!!!!! Heheh TEAM´╗┐ JC!!!!!

  21. JordanSpeaks says:

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  22. omglotty says:

    the 2 plates made´╗┐ … the 2 plates made´╗┐ it look like he had boobs ahahah

  23. Skyler Martinez says:

    OMG HES COMING TO … OMG HES COMING TO CHICAGO!! My´╗┐ happiness can NOT be expressed rite now!!! FANGIRLING

  24. Taylor Wentz says:

    Omg that was´╗┐ … Omg that was´╗┐ hilarious!!xD

  25. Skyler Martinez says:

    I laughed so hard … I laughed so hard at´╗┐ the first one XD

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