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Husky Puppy tries Dehydrated Dog Food & Treats! CHEWY REVIEW!

0 Husky Puppy tries Dehydrated Dog Food & Treats! CHEWY REVIEW!Please Subscribe
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The girls really enjoyed both the treats and the dog food from Orijen! Freeze Dried food is GREAT for camping trips!

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Duration : 0:6:40

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25 Responses to “Husky Puppy tries Dehydrated Dog Food & Treats! CHEWY REVIEW!”

  1. NailahSalman Shaikh says:

    shiloh died 🙁 shiloh died 🙁

  2. Sara Lynn says:

    My Papillon eats … My Papillon eats Orijen dog food and LOVES it!
    I may have to get this for her to try as a treat! I didn’t know they made treats!

  3. RiderRhys says:

    Beautiful dogs(: Beautiful dogs(:

  4. JEssy James says:

    So huskies dont … So huskies dont play fetch?

  5. Brackenflame11 says:

    Where did Shiloh … Where did Shiloh go?

  6. underfire987 says:

    glad to see you … glad to see you purchase stuff from up here 😀

  7. mark cool says:

    Nice Video As … Nice Video As Always

  8. JEssy James says:

    So you dont play … So you dont play fetch in the park?

  9. Kenia EBonilla says:

    :)* :)*

  10. Kenia EBonilla says:

    Beautiful dogs / Beautiful dogs /

  11. angryvoiceactor says:

    In a seperate video … In a seperate video you and Jamie should try some of the dog food. 😀
    Dogs seemed to like it.

  12. Sabrina Lou says:

    Hey, last night I … Hey, last night I had a dream that I was driving by your house and you were sitting with Shelby. By the way,I live in Canada!

  13. Sabrina Lou says:

    Memphis is getting … Memphis is getting to know everytime whats in the box!

  14. carvol33 says:

    Hi! I would like to … Hi! I would like to get a Siberian husky puppy, and I just watched you video about how much a dog costs a year, and I have one problem. I’m 12. I have been saving up money and now I have 106 dollars. It may be enough to adopt a puppy, but not nearly enough for the vet ect. And I may not get one in a while because my family already has a cat. But I was wondering, is it worth all the trouble? Also, do you have tips on saving money? Thanks! 🙂

  15. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    Hi there! Hi there!

  16. James Pillow says:

    oh my god i will … oh my god i will love if i talk to u guys

  17. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    Nope it only showed … Nope it only showed up once 🙂

  18. Cathytheamazinggirl says:

    Sorry if i post … Sorry if i post twice =( network problem =(

  19. Cathytheamazinggirl says:

    shelby is really … shelby is really good today … she dont bark =)

  20. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    You can do that in … You can do that in the dog park. We don’t let our girls off leash.

  21. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    She was very good! She was very good!

  22. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    It really did! It really did!

  23. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    hehehe hehehe

  24. JEssy James says:

    Can you play fetch … Can you play fetch with ur huskies in the park? I know that u are supposed to socialize ur dogs but I read somewhere that u shudnt let ur huskies off the leash when in the park. Is that true? So you cant play fetch with them in the park? Also did you teach ur dogs to walk by you for walks without a leash?

  25. dogsinwonderland says:

    Aww memphis’s … Aww memphis’s behaving! And luv her coat!!

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