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How to make Raw Dog Food

0 How to make Raw Dog FoodThis video is based on the book, “Real Food for healthy Dogs and Cats” by Dr. Karen Becker

Duration : 0:6:50

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25 Responses to “How to make Raw Dog Food”

  1. Budder Fry says:

    Video would have … Video would have been better without the music…

  2. Mongoose says:

    2nd most annoying … 2nd most annoying song ever created. The first is Bodies by Drowning Pool.

  3. Amelia Stone says:

    Wonderful video, … Wonderful video, but I hate that prong collar at the end.

  4. Johnny Hernandez says:

    can you post thee … can you post thee measurements you used for this

  5. Ellen Larter says:

    Thank you for the … Thank you for the video. I have been reading so much about feeding my pack
    raw, but it is good to see how it is done. I am looking forward to your
    next video sharing your information on ratio. I have 8 Labrador Retrievers
    and know it is going to be expensive to go raw, but believe it will be
    better for them. 

  6. Holly E says:

    Thank you so much … Thank you so much for the video. So many people are uneducated regarding a
    Raw diet when it comes to their Fur Babies. Its wonderful that you show
    people how simple the making of a Raw diet is. Except for being a time
    consumer, it’s much easier than people think. Dr. Becker is wonderful and
    people should listen to all of her videos. 😉 I also see where you
    mention cooking your egg whites? I have seen many Raw diets where the
    whole egg with shell is ground. What is your reason for cooking the whites?

  7. Susan Butler says:

    It would be so much … It would be so much easier to watch and HEAR the instructions and
    guidelines without that loud music playing over the entire video. Really
    distracting and not helpful.

  8. Doppelgangsta says:

    were the chicken … were the chicken pieces ground with the bones, or were the bones removed
    first? Your dogs are beautiful! You must have a big freezer just for dog
    food, now that’s dedication. 

  9. Belle Sickler says:

    Could you please … Could you please turn the music off on the video? It’s beyond distracting
    and hard to hear since it’s almost louder than you talking… :/

  10. Sylvia Targon says:

    I have started to … I have started to feed my dog cooked fresh food but I want to transition to
    raw food but I have 2 questions: 1) Do you grind the raw bones at the same
    time as the meat? and 2) When do you add the vitamin mix?

  11. Michael Edwards says:

    Why peel the … Why peel the potatoes? I leave mine on for the minerals. Is there a reason
    to peel I should know about?

  12. Banjo Williamson says:

    Best video ever, I … Best video ever, I love the song!!!!! WHO LET ME OUT, WOOF WOOF!!!!

  13. Elizabeth Cantu says:

    Why would someone … Why would someone feed their dogs PEPPER!!!!!???

  14. May M. says:

    Healthy, balanced … Healthy, balanced diet! Grain free too! Perfection! Layla would chow down
    on this!

  15. Juanita Miglio says:

    Very nice set up, … Very nice set up, can my dogs and I come live with you? None of my friends
    feed their dogs real food

  16. Mindy Pelkey says:

    I can barely hear … I can barely hear you for the music.

  17. ronald braxton says:

    How many containers … How many containers do u use a day for feeding? How much weight of food is
    in each container? I have two APBT that are about 85 lbs each? Thanks for
    your input and video…..Ron

  18. TmouniTidio says:

    good job ! really … good job ! really good job

  19. Js Dubon says:

    Nice video man. But … Nice video man. But Orijen works as good for me. Not. Time or money for all
    that. Wish I could though.

  20. Francine L. says:

    The video is not … The video is not available. Could you put it back on please.

  21. Jane Clark says:

    Enjoyed the video … Enjoyed the video until I saw the spike colar on one of the dogs

  22. Brandon Thurmond says:

    is there any way to … is there any way to get the recipe and directions… is it in the book

  23. BooBoo31085 says:

    So I am looking … So I am looking into doing this for my 2 pit bulls. But like I have heard
    before in this economy it’s hard not to just buy the kibble since it’s
    cheap. I also have heard from people on FB that when they switched to Raw
    food, it turned out cheaper than when they purchased kibble. I am just
    wondering how much in total did it cost you to buy everything in order to
    make those meals?

  24. renee rite says:

    is that a … is that a Rottweiler pit bull German shepherd mix?

  25. FreekieFred says:

    I’m about to start … I’m about to start my puppy on a raw diet today..what are some things you’d
    recommend me picking up to start off with

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