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Homemade Dog Food Recipes – The Secret You Don’t Know

0 Homemade Dog Food Recipes   The Secret You Dont KnowTo Discover Homemade Dog Food Recipes Secrets:

Homemade dog food will ensure that no extra preservative or chemicals is being consumed by the pet.Is it always good to have your meals from outside? The obvious answer is no. The food from outside has many side effects on your tummy if taken on a regular basis. It is always recommended to have homemade food as much as possible. Similar is the recommendation for your canine friend too. Just like humans, dogs also need a balanced diet that would include vegetables, proteins and grains. With ready homemade dog food all the times you may not be sure of the proportions and might end up giving incomplete diet to your pet.

Why not the high cost and branded ready made dog food
The main reason why one should avoid a ready homemade dog food is because in most of the cases the quality of meat that is being used in these food items is not very good; forget the harmful chemicals that get added. The term “meat by product” is visible on almost every packet which is being made of parts of animals not fit for the consumption of your canine mate. While they may not cause any immediate harm, but in the longer run they can bring about serious health hazards like cancer. While there are brands that make quality food, but if you have to compare, no processed food would ever be able to match the quality of homemade dog food.

Dogs need more calcium, high quality protein and minerals in a higher degree as per the body size. Of these, Calcium is the most critical ingredient. The composition of the homemade dog food has to be kept at 70% meat and rest 30% fibres and carbohydrates. Items would vary as per the age of the dog as older dogs would require food that contains lesser fat like fish, turkey or chicken. Some common homemade dog food recipes include Fish and Sweet potato, Chicken and White Rice, Doggy casserole with turkey, etc.

There are certain food ingredients that although useful for humans, may cause potential damage to a dog, hence those are to be excluded while preparing homemade dog food. These would include raisins, onions, grapes, coffee, tea, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and pork. It is preferred that you consult the vet before adding or removing any ingredient from the recipe.
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    Listing meat as the … Listing meat as the first or second ingredient on their labels dog food.´╗┐

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    I was feedin my … I was feedin my dogs blue horrifac smelling stools horrible breath and
    excessive drinking and lethargic i didnt notice how sick they were until i
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