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Channel 5 The Truth About Your Dogs Food 720p HDTV x264 AAC

0 Channel 5 The Truth About Your Dogs Food 720p HDTV x264 AACMVGroup org

Duration : 0:45:9

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25 Responses to “Channel 5 The Truth About Your Dogs Food 720p HDTV x264 AAC”

  1. Trevor Cutrer says:

    Thanks guys…100 … Thanks guys…100 likes! Spread the word!

  2. vanitalovesyou __ says:

    I am vegan, but I … I am vegan, but I would never feed my dog a vegan diet, why? would someone
    give meat to a cow?? Thats so unnatural .. Their bodys arent made for a
    plant based diet. It simply isnt right.

  3. PaladinO says:

    Anyone that feeds … Anyone that feeds their dog a vegetarian or vegan diet should be force fed
    nothing but pig fat. 

  4. slayer1zn says:

    There is no doubt … There is no doubt in my mind that most of our vets, mine included are
    biased towards big brand foods. Just walk into your vet and what is the
    first thing you see??? Hills,Royal Canin and Eukanuba????? I have two Swiss
    shepherds. One of which had major skin issues. I was told by no less than
    three vets that is was due to breeding and that he should be put down. This
    advice was given as he was raised on Royal canin , then moved to hills
    science diet for sensitive skin. Out of desperation I turned to the net and
    researched all I could on dog nutrition. What I found blew my mind. I put
    my dogs onto a balance raw food diet. My shepherd that the so called
    veterinary experts wanted to put down made a total 100% recovery in less
    than six months!!!!!!!! So please, don’t tell me that commercial dog foods
    are good for your dog. It is total propaganda spread by dog food
    corporations. The vets could not believe it when I took him back and told
    them what I thought of them and their commercial foods. My dogs have been
    on this for 6 years now with NO ill effects. In fact both dogs are thriving
    and have never been healthier.

  5. Patrick Henry says:

    I feel really bad … I feel really bad for the dogs under the care of the vegan loons.

  6. kreamowheat says:

    a healthy majority … a healthy majority of dog allergies are related to plant-based foods such
    as corn, rice, oats, barley, and certain veggies and rarely to forms of
    meat. Why? Because dogs eat meat and are built for that. Its like putting
    E85 ethanol in a gasoline car. Will it work? yes. Is it the best?
    Absolutely not and will cause the car to fail prematurely. 

  7. Mockeyingjay12-13 says:

    I don’t buy cheap … I don’t buy cheap dog food I buy the one my vet recommends it’s about 15
    dollars on 4-5 cans.

  8. May M. says:

    This sent me … This sent me running to my dog food bag. I am so glad that I looked up the
    ingredients, and they’re all fine. But, my question is, Where do they get
    the ingredients? How do they cook it? Definitely going to add meat and
    veggies that are FRESH to her diet as well.

  9. 72Moochung says:

    you only give your … you only give your dogs enough raw food to eat in front of you in one
    sitting, if you give them a massive raw chicken meal for instance and they
    feel the need to go and bury it in the dirt for a couple of days?? well of
    course there going to get all sorts of bacteria, salmonella etc. Raw food
    diet is the best for my 13month old rotti and his coat eyes teeth are just
    unbelievably amazing. I use to feed him Advance but his poo was always
    either sloppy one day, hard the next etc etc, as soon as i started giving
    him raw chicken wings, mince, heart liver he had more energy harder less
    stinky stools and just a very happy dog. vets sell you the hills diet etc
    for the one and only reason, profit for them. It just astounds me. And that
    lady from the shelter said it all, we get our food donated?? well of course
    there not going to bag there cash cow. Which i do understand do to it being
    a non profit shelter and funding is hard…. but for me, raw all the way,
    with vegies, he likes peas. go figure.

  10. Webz Cruiser says:

    Prepare food for … Prepare food for your dog. Take responsibility of your pet.

    And that’s the reason i won’t ever own a pet, for the same reason (and
    more) I don’t have kids. Humans are after all easier to communicate with
    than animal, and i still manage to find them annoying at time

  11. May M. says:

    I completely agree … I completely agree with the lady who in one part of the video cries.

  12. Lisa Milner says:

    in other words … in other words don’t feed your dog comercial pet food

  13. YOEL LAZARUS says:

    I feed my dog what … I feed my dog what nature intended them to eat, raw meat. But I use my dogs
    for hunting, not to be sitting on my lap…

  14. mike b says:

    so when the vegan … so when the vegan dog owners dog die after 3 years dumb-ass people dogs
    need meat, god vegans me off 

  15. oliver allen says:

    Hmm, not enough … Hmm, not enough scientific eviedence to back up the claims of raw food
    diet? The same can be said for any of the commercial diets out there – 3 or
    6 month feeding trials are hardly suffficient evidence when the dogs
    average life span is 12 -18 years depending on the breed. One thing the raw
    food diet has in its favor is NATURE – wolves (the wild counterpart of the
    dog) have thrived on this diet for thousands of years, and continue to do

  16. Dora S says:

    39:56 lack of … 39:56 lack of scientific evidence of nature?? isn’t it NATURAL for animals
    of prey to eat prey?

  17. Billy Bob says:

    people who feed … people who feed dogs a vegan diet need to get punched in the face

  18. Jiminy Cricket says:

    lol at the bogan … lol at the bogan chick with the diva dog…

  19. Amber John says:

    Each dog lover … Each dog lover should become aware of the toxic dog foods out there if
    you’d like to span your dog’s life.

  20. shawn allen says:

    I would love to … I would love to kill all these vegetarian people and feed them to there
    dogs. The arrogance of these people is astounding. It’s like putting soda
    in the full tank of a car and saying well I want to run on soda so it

  21. Marquies Terry says:

    Gotta feed your … Gotta feed your Dogs Raw Meat unless your feeding your animal other dead
    dogs and cats processed at a plant 

  22. Hyun-Jun Seon says:

    This lady at 22:20 … This lady at 22:20 starts getting emotional because owners will send their
    unruly dog away simply because it hadn’t been fed a natural diet. I just
    find that a little funny.

  23. Posey says:

    I cringe at the … I cringe at the people feeding their dogs vegan food, fried chicken, french
    fries, etc. I am vegan. Humans are omnivores but dogs are not. If you can’t
    feed your carnivore properly I suggest a herbivore instead, maybe an iguana
    or rabbit,

  24. skellwen says:

    A good dog food … A good dog food review site to share:

  25. PaladinO says:

    PaladinO PaladinO

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