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Dog Eats Christmas Ornaments! ft. ClaraC & David So

0 Dog Eats Christmas Ornaments! ft. ClaraC & David So1 – I’m Guilty News – 00:00:00


Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend:
David So (@davidsocomedy)
Twitter: @davidsocomedy

Clara Chung (@ClaraCMusic)
Twitter: @ClaraCMusic


Hosted by Julia Chow (Instagram: @xblueapplez)

Commentary by:
David So (Twitter: @davidsocomedy)
Joe Jo (Twitter: @joverdose)
Bart Kwan (Twitter: @bartkwan)
Geo Antoinette (Twitter: @Geo_Antoinette)
Tommy Trinh (Twitter: @TomTTrinh)

Edited by Byron Montilla (Twitter: @boxSWAGG)

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Joe Jo (Twitter: @joverdose)
Bart Kwan (Twitter: @bartkwan)
Geo Antoinette (Twitter: @Geo_Antoinette)
Casey Chan (Twitter: @chanmanprod)
Tommy Trinh (Twitter:@TomTTrinh)
Julia Chow (Instagram: @xblueapplez)
Michael Chiu (Twitter: @Michael_Chiu)
Tiffany Del Real (Twitter: @real_tiff)
Brandon Choi (Instagram: @bchoii)

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Duration : 0:8:10

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25 Responses to “Dog Eats Christmas Ornaments! ft. ClaraC & David So”

  1. Amy Kazama says:

    1 dislike. It’s … 1 dislike. It’s obvious how someone subscribed just to dislike the JK
    videos. lol.

  2. Wesley Gilmore says:

    That dog ain’t … That dog ain’t feeling guilty, he’s dying after eating that shit

  3. Lee Siu Loong says:

    My Wifes Breasts … My Wifes Breasts are my teething toys baha

  4. MisterLaughAlot says:

    when julia said “a … when julia said “a week ago”… i was thinking about the shmoney dance.
    Just me?

  5. FreshBro8 says:

    You know I like the … You know I like the chemistry between David and Clara. It looks and feels
    very natural unlike David and Gina. And I know David has a fat crush on
    Gina its obvious thats why he looks like he forces himself to act like
    he’s not 

  6. MCgamingProductions says:

    I have a female … I have a female English bulldog and and a male English bulldog and the
    Female dog was on its period and it was dripping on the floor and my Male
    dog licked it up. Right after my dad and me saw that he sold the Male dog

  7. jamesEboi says:

    try not to stroke … try not to stroke ure dog after it did something wrong u dumbass. It ate
    them 3 times over cos it doesnt see wat it is doing as that bad. Will probs
    make it think twice before doing wrong if it knows ure not happy with it.

  8. Mathewmartialart says:

    that wall chewing … that wall chewing is out of boredom, and im guessing its when they are out.
    you could buy the dog sprays that deter them from chewing and spray all
    over the wall. you could also buy a big sheet of thick plastic so that
    after a while the dog finds it just cant chew through it. also giving it
    something else like other furniture to keep the bad habit is simply a bad

  9. Linnea Nilsson says:

    Okay, this isn’t a … Okay, this isn’t a dog story, but still.

    My cat ate the weirdest shit. Usually, cats hates anything citrus related,
    but this idiot, she ate oranges, lemons, limes, anything with citrus, and
    not only that. She used to crawl into open plastic bags, didn’t matter if
    they were empty or not, but she was too lazy to turn around when she wanted
    to get out, so she ate her way out of the bag, so every time I needed a
    plastic bag for cleaning, and I saw one carelessly lying on the floor, it
    would have a huge hole in it. I seriously didn’t understand that cat.. she
    was also afraid of pillows, slippers, HEIGHTS, birds and rodents..

  10. JustKiddingNews says:

    JustKiddingNews JustKiddingNews

  11. Blow-Up Bunny says:

    The dog I had as a … The dog I had as a child ate chocolate once too. He actually went into my
    mother’s coat pocket and took out a bunch of Hershey’s kisses. Apparently
    he gently opened the kisses because we got all the foils and most weren’t
    even torn. He was that kind of dog. He wasn’t just sneaky, he was
    smart-sneaky. The first night we actually had him he snatched my chicken
    out of my mouth. He went under the table, through my legs, and grabbed the
    wing as I was biting down. By the time I bit down on air he was gone down
    the hall. His favourite food was pencil erasers for some reason though…

  12. Kabel360 says:

    my cousins dog … my cousins dog always has a rock bigger than her head in her mouth,
    literally EVERYWHERE!

  13. I Love You says:

    Some dogs are under … Some dogs are under fed, they get like 1 bowl a day or something of a lab
    made food they don’t like. What’s a dog’s natural diet anyway?

  14. sur puppa says:

    They now only post … They now only post 1 peice of news per episodes, have they become money

  15. DeaDKinG66 says:

    Julia: It was … Julia: It was released about a week ago


  16. Baby Donkey says:

    holy shiet chicken … holy shiet chicken bones are that bad for dogs?! I knew they’re bad but I
    didn’t know it could stab them from inside out D;. I always tell my parents
    to stop feeding them chicken bones but they’re all like “nah dogs are
    supposed to eat bones” omfg I need to show them something scary just to
    make them believe me lol

  17. Jirred Vang says:

    For Geo and Bart … For Geo and Bart the reason your dog is chewing on the wall is because
    there is lead in the walls of houses in the paint and it tastes sweat so
    they’ll keep chewing but it could be a different reason 

  18. Haiku Daiku says:

    my old pup she just … my old pup she just ate cords, then we put there some tabasco hot sauce
    stuff and she was even happier just chewing the cords.. She’s gone now
    though, she had to be put down for medical reasons. :(

  19. Sophie Thien-Ly Nguyen says:

    Aww the dogs are … Aww the dogs are tho cyute :3333 poor dog ate the ornaments… He could
    have a bad stomach or something. Very kawaii dogs tho :)

  20. Cäroline says:

    My dog ate a golf … My dog ate a golf ball and we got it removed once we got it back and it
    used to be white now its yellowish green xD

  21. Paku Chan says:

    Since we’re all … Since we’re all sharing stories of our guilty dogs…. My dog (pug mix with
    cocker spaniel) when he knows he did something bad he would always run away
    when I go near him 

  22. sigma six says:

    give your dog some … give your dog some more minerals in his diet… 

  23. Josh cramer says:

    Well, we now know … Well, we now know that cats are smarter than dogs.

  24. Charry Heart says:

    My dog also ate the … My dog also ate the wall when he was a puppy, its normal

  25. Jaejoong Kim says:

    My dog ate a piece … My dog ate a piece of wire and it punctured his stomach and killed him. We
    spent over $1000 to try help him but it was too late because he was being
    poisoned before we knew. I don’t even know where the wire came from or why
    he would eat it cause he wasn’t the type to just eat anything and

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