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Denver the Guilty Dog strikes again!

0 Denver the Guilty Dog strikes again!Denver continues her quest for the Christmas tree foam balls….

Duration : 0:1:15

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25 Responses to “Denver the Guilty Dog strikes again!”

  1. Liyah Boo-kiss says:

    Why the is … Why the is there so many ugly white guys wearing fedoras in the

  2. HannahNoelle2158 says:

    I love Denver! … I love Denver! She’s so innocent. ❤️

  3. Jackson Jefferson the 1st says:

    Professional … Professional 4channer and Ivy League professor here!
    As an expert in behavioral sciences I’ve seen many wondrous expressions of
    emotion by animals. The most recent is the anguish and suicidal tendencies
    experienced by baby rabbits when exposed to reddit’s many bland and
    homogenous subreddits. Poor things wouldn’t even eat. But nonetheless this
    video is a perfect example of how mammals are capable of expression. It is
    also an ominous sign of intelligence. The dog tried to be deceitful and got
    caught this time. Next time it could get better. Before we know it they’ll
    be in the white house and assassinate our greatest future President, Ron
    Paul. I suggest you aggressively neuter your dog before he is able to
    reproduce and spread more deceitful pups. The dog revolution must be
    Jackson Jefferson the 1st, Moderator of /an/, Recent Veteran of 8chan,
    Vegan, and friend to all children.

  4. vvvortic says:

    dogs are retarded, … dogs are retarded, and the only reason why they exist is because lonely
    people are too pathetic to actually go out and make friends with real
    people, gg

  5. SickAudi says:

    Dude I frixken love … Dude I frixken love ur dogs omg!! So gorgeous.. I have a 10 month old baby
    girl pure bred blue nose pitbull she’s absolutely gorgeous and does the
    smile lips a lot lol

  6. says:

    Denver the guilty … Denver the guilty dog strikes AGAIN! But nobody can stay mad at this cutie!

  7. NucIearChrist says:

    I love Labradors. … I love Labradors. They are really the best kind of dogs ever. Anyone
    thinking of buying a dog for their children, go with a yellow lab like this
    one. They are the best kind

  8. Tim Winker says:

    Omg Denver has been … Omg Denver has been at it again! ….LOL

  9. thesuperbroski says:

    Just got Hide … Just got Hide Fedora for chrome. Awesome shit.

  10. Doritus Cheeto says:

    Redditor and Top … Redditor and Top Mind Here.

    With my superior IQ (99th percentile) and dizzying intellect, I can
    conclude that the problem with this video is that your dog is white and you
    are African American. Even dogs are racist in this country. As an avid
    atheist, as well as a SJW, I hope to see racism completely eradicated in
    this country. The only option is to have the dog put down.

    – Doritus Cheeto, moderator of and

  11. Webkinz Rock12 says:

    DENVER!! Denver is … DENVER!! Denver is so cool!!!:)
    My dog Buckeye looks like him.

  12. Arun Bector says:

    Caught red handed! … Caught red handed! Or, should we say red mouthed. He does look awfully
    sorry though

    #ornaments #guiltydogs #puppyeyes #dogs #Christmas

  13. Vinny Wong says:

    I can’t possibly … I can’t possibly upvote this video. This is wrong for couple of reasons.
    You can’t tell from a dog’s expression if it is guilty or not. They learn
    from our reactions.
    An innocent dog may appears guilty if the owner looks at the dog with
    accusatory eyes.
    Those balls are toxic, right? 

  14. joli minou says:

    Lol he always … Lol he always includes the old dog. Greedy Denver. 

  15. Nor Norranun says:

    What the is … What the is redditor, and what they are doing here flooding comment

  16. Øwl says:

    I thought he killed … I thought he killed an animal after seeing those red things laying around

  17. Mikael Hetfield says:

    This video is … This video is utterly sickening, This dog has obviously eaten some very
    *dank* weed and needs to listen to D-O-double-G right now!
    And why do people keep harassing me in my own comments? Just because I’m
    clearly smarter than you doesn’t mean I shoudn’t be treated equally! Stop

    – Mikael Hetfield, advocate of atheism, professional anime reviewer and
    moderator of /r/clopclop.

  18. lola bunny says:

    I just fell in love … I just fell in love with your puppies!!!!!!
    Oh so precious!!!!!!

  19. ganimed1976 says:

    Dude this stuff is … Dude this stuff is so funny I can’t stop laughing. I love Denver and the
    other innocent dog :)

  20. Kaylee Hart says:

    Awww, Denver’s just … Awww, Denver’s just pleading for you not to get mad at her. Just wanna hug
    her :3 

  21. GHOSTON says:

    my dog is also call … my dog is also call Denver. Perfect name :)

  22. J Cee says:

    To the owner, your … To the owner, your dogs Denver and Macey are gorgeous. I have watched your
    videos a few times and every time they make me smile. You can tell they are
    very well looked after and very much loved. It’s a shame you can’t delete
    the horrible comments who are made from people who are bitter and by taking
    a guess, they do not know the absolute pleasures and love pets bring into
    our lives, they become our family. Thank you for sharing and thank you for
    your donations to charity.

  23. dpinckney75 says:

    You made my day! … You made my day! Thanks for posting.

  24. TUCA AMARA says:


  25. B Bell says:

    Denver is so cute I … Denver is so cute I love her I am sorry she is such a handful

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