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Magnet Dogs, How Do They Work? – Saturday Morning Cartoons!

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“Magnet Dog” by John Guzman Productions

“5 Second Day: Drippy” by Seth Brady

“Chad and Tad” by Tomorrow’s Nobodies

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Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
Producer: Carrie Miller, Matt Gielen, Jake Krengel
Edited by: Jonah Feingold
Interstitials Filmed by: Nicholas Fung
Graphics by: Jennifer Sterling Bragg and Nicholas Fung
Motion Graphics by: Nicholas Fung
Select music samples by: Best Fwends
Anthony Davis & Dustin Pilkington

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Duration : 0:3:10

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25 Responses to “Magnet Dogs, How Do They Work? – Saturday Morning Cartoons!”

  1. ChannelFrederator says:

    Magnet Dogs, How Do … Magnet Dogs, How Do They Work? Watch all these awesome Saturday Morning
    Cartoons and more! #saturdaymorningcartoons #cartoons #funny

  2. James Waterson says:

    1:17 that’s … 1:17 that’s definitely Invader Zim.

  3. Pixel Pirate TV says:

    Who here thinks … Who here thinks Magnet dog & Rocket dog should have a playdate?

  4. ChannelFrederator says:

    Magnet Dogs, How Do … Magnet Dogs, How Do They Work? -Saturday Morning Cartoons! 

  5. יהב בן נחום says:

    The cop looks like … The cop looks like markiplier XD

  6. JC4MC says:

    1:16 Invader Zim? 1:16 Invader Zim?

  7. MJplaysMC4OJ says:

    Why was Markiplier … Why was Markiplier the cop???

  8. Chantit Simma says:

    wow, Magnet Dog is … wow, Magnet Dog is like Magneto from X-men. this may be my fav cartoon!

  9. Cupkaka KAT says:

    Next marvel … Next marvel superhero: magnet dog

    Must. Happen. 

  10. Trey Flowers says:

    I give Magnet Dog a … I give Magnet Dog a ⑩/⑩.
    The other cartoons ③/⑩ and ⑤/⑩ respectively.

  11. Skeletor Skeleton says:

    The first Clip had … The first Clip had me thinking of invader zim…

  12. Logan Rainbow says:

    First like First like

  13. xiaolinshowdownluvr says:

    1:03 warfstache! xD 1:03 warfstache! xD

  14. Artsy Paige says:

    Not saying that … Not saying that this was bad, but some of the characters and the aliens
    remind me of Invader Zim

  15. lucast05 says:

    I thought the dog … I thought the dog was a cat.

  16. Mariah Delma says:

    1:03 Markipler! 1:03 Markipler!

  17. Comicdud says:

    Loved this saturday … Loved this saturday morning cartoons! Glad i got to see magnet dog!

  18. Draco Gameing says:

    Magnet dog is more … Magnet dog is more powerfull then a giant lizard,faster then a speeding
    mouse,can leap over suns

  19. Dinosaur Mittens says:

    The first one … The first one looked like Invader Zim.

  20. havoklee says:

    Magnet dog reminds … Magnet dog reminds me of Invader

  21. Thankful square says:

    I thought Lala was … I thought Lala was a cat

  22. Julia Anderson says:

    Markiplier was in … Markiplier was in the first cartoon!!!! :^{ ]

  23. The Scout says:

    Markiplier … Markiplier reference spotted.

  24. Matthew Mcelrath says:

    four eyed invader … four eyed invader zim bros

  25. Andrew Cook says:

    like the Earthbound … like the Earthbound sound effect for the ufo. nice one. 

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