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TECH BOOM! | Dog Lover

0 TECH BOOM! | Dog Loverhttp://www.TechBoom.TV

Man’s best Facebook friend.

Annamarie MacLeod as Dog Woman
Danielle O’Dea as Susan
Beatrice as Maya the dog
Special thanks to William J. Brown III

TECH BOOM! is a comedy series poking fun at the tech culture sweeping over San Francisco.

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Directed by Jack Birmingham
Created by Jack Birmingham, Loren Risker, and Hector Escarramán

Duration : 0:1:38

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3 Responses to “TECH BOOM! | Dog Lover”

  1. William McGair says:

    wow, that was un- … wow, that was un-funny!

  2. Steve and Debbie Dells says:

    All funny, thanks!! All funny, thanks!!

  3. Tech Boom! says:

    Tech Boom! Tech Boom!

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