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Pet Lover’s Extravaganza – Day 64

0 Pet Lovers Extravaganza   Day 64“I wanna shove it into someone’s face, and I’m afraid someone would wanna shove it into my face.” – Youtube’s best cross cultural multilingual Japanese American daily vlog. Uber Kawaii, like nothing you’ve ever seen… Golden State Saga

~ Golden State Saga (8/12/12) Jerry’s Sister Get’s A Pony (My Little)~

Mika’s dog Mu~chan get’s sick because she is very old.
Jerry goes to Torrance to see his sister + beat the heat.
Mika is a little bit drunk.

Duration : 0:11:54

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25 Responses to “Pet Lover’s Extravaganza – Day 64”

  1. danpluso says:

    Gas is around 4.80 … Gas is around 4.80 a gallon where I live in Canada. So to me, your gas looks cheap :O

  2. GoldenStateSaga says:

    My dad and young … My dad and young sister are veterinarian, so they can take care of Muwa( The dog; girl).
    When I danced at station, many peole looked at me. lol

  3. GoldenStateSaga says:

    Check out the 310HS … Check out the 310HS. I think it replaced the 300. It has a bigger screen and maybe a few more features, but the same quality. I really like this camera.

  4. cncfan says:

    Thanks, I’ve been … Thanks, I’ve been thinking about getting a new camera.

  5. GoldenStateSaga says:

    My side is shot on … My side is shot on a Canon 300hs – Jerry
    I think Mika is using a Canon A2400 now.

  6. GoldenStateSaga says:

    Completely … Completely understand. Guys have to fight for it, girls have to fight it off.

  7. GoldenStateSaga says:

    Wow, sounds like … Wow, sounds like stupid governmental red tape. I hope you can get through it without to much stress when the time comes.

  8. GoldenStateSaga says:

    Clearly you are a … Clearly you are a great person… Common! LEGOs and StarWars in one! What could be better?

  9. cncfan says:

    What type of … What type of camera do you use?

  10. beefalie says:

    DRUNKEN MIKA!!!! … DRUNKEN MIKA!!!! Hahahaha!!!!! You could barely talk straight! I love it!

    CHRIS I love all the oldie T-shirts! So funny how we have many of the same shirts!!!!

  11. deemon710 says:

    haha. mika, your … haha. mika, your drunk vloging/dancing at the station brings back memories. bte, i hope ur dog gets better. it’s great that he(?) has family that can take care of him(?)

  12. getoutofmyband says:

    And I have to say … And I have to say that being a “young” lady (well 28 yrs old but I’ve been told I look way younger) vlogging on youtube… Especially when you live in Japan…you get a lot of attention.. and I wasn’t comfortable with that. My friend Micaela (ciaela) is better at that than me. ^^;

  13. getoutofmyband says:

    Secondly: I’m not a … Secondly: I’m not a native English speaker. :\ Even though everybody tells me my English is as good as a native speaker, I don’t feel confident enough to be an English teacher… and it’s not really what I want to do in Japan either. I want to keep working in Fashion and exportation of clothes, etc.. But those jobs usually can’t provide me a visa. :\

    Yeah reverse culture shock sucks! As for my channel… I haven’t updated it in months! I was planning to vlog when I moved to JP but lacked time!

  14. getoutofmyband says:

    Yeah, I definitely … Yeah, I definitely want to go back to Japan and try to live there permanently. But there’s many things in my past that sorta prevents me from getting a work visa easily. First: I haven’t graduated from University and I was partly homeschooled in high school and didn’t go to college, then skipped directly to Uni when I was 21. (In Canada we have 6 years of primary school, 5 of high school, 2-3 of college which is optional but usually people have to go through college to go to Uni).

  15. GoldenStateSaga says:

    Haha, thanks. I was … Haha, thanks. I was thinking of speaking Japanese all day at some point, but then it would take me like an hour to edit it all. I’ll probably still do it at some point so that everyone can analyze my 下手糞 japanese. 🙂

  16. GoldenStateSaga says:

    A that’s no good. … A that’s no good. Are you gonna try and go back at some point or are you staying the Canada? Your channel looks cool, I’m gonna give it a check when I have a few m.
    Glad you enjoy the vlogs, they will be in Japan for the rest of the month before Mika comes back to LA mid-next month. Reverse culture shock is way worse than going to Japan.

  17. GoldenStateSaga says:

    I used to skate. … I used to skate. Now I just have the cruiser for when I need to kick around the locality.

  18. getoutofmyband says:

    I just moved back … I just moved back to Canada after living 2 years in Tokyo. It’s only been a month and a half and I really miss Japan. So I want to thank you for your vlogs because they really help me cope (I cameback to Canada for health & financial reasons…so I didn’t really WANT to).

  19. akirasugoineko says:

    Chris sounds so … Chris sounds so cool when he talks japanese 😉

  20. GoldenStateSaga says:

    My dad is a … My dad is a veterinarian!
    and my sister too 😉

  21. killerbee7035 says:

    Mika looked a … Mika looked a little under the weather in at 6:30

  22. killerbee7035 says:

    LEGOS RULE. I wish … LEGOS RULE. I wish I were still young. Before Middle school and High school destroyed my imagination. Star Wars Legos are the best too.

  23. Gameryeah says:

    cool vlog, Hope the … cool vlog, Hope the dog gets better :/ Is Mikas dad a doctor or a veterinarian?

  24. TheOtakuJoe says:

    @6:22 I almost fell … @6:22 I almost fell off my couch laugh! hahahahaha!!!!

  25. rmnx14 says:

    Hey Chris I saw a … Hey Chris I saw a skateboard in your apartment, do you skate? Or just transportation. Also enjoyed the video and Miika hope the dogs ok

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