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Josh Hutcherson Adopts!

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Josh Hutcherson is officially a new dad! The break-out Hunger Games franchise star adopted an absolutely adorable pit bull with special needs that was rescued from the Downey Animal Shelter by a Hands Paws Hearts. The 3-month old puppy underwent surgery to repair a broken femur before Josh made the adoption and named the little guy Driver. According to an exclusive on, Driver is missing a few toes, but is otherwise a QUOTE “brave little soul.” Josh has been a longtime dog lover, and several years ago he actually starred in a film titled “Firehouse Dog,” so we’re guessing that Driver is in very good hands. Perhaps Josh and his Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth can both bring their dogs to the Catching Fire set when shooting start — Liam’s girlfriend Miley Cyrus did just give Liam an adorable pup named Ziggy for his birthday, as well. Feel free to share your congratulations with Josh by weighing in down in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube for on-going news you can’t live without. I’m Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching!

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25 Responses to “Josh Hutcherson Adopts!”

  1. Anna Brake says:

    When i saw the … When i saw the title, I thought he adopted a kid not a dog, lol

  2. hazel123h says:

    CUTE!!! 🙂 CUTE!!! 🙂

  3. MrsHutchersonJosh says:

    i thought that 2 i thought that 2

  4. hollyberry2015 says:

    thats adorebl thats adorebl

  5. XDeCoDeX13 says:

    “Josh Hutcherson is … “Josh Hutcherson is officially a new dad!” -Gasp- “to a pitbull named Driver” -Phew-

  6. yourfavorite martian says:

    i prefer logan … i prefer logan lerman JK i like neither Like if you dislik dislike if you like

  7. waleedsajjadkhan14 says:

    Lol wow what a … Lol wow what a sweet guy.

  8. leacatty88 says:

    i love him so much … i love him so much jejejejejejje hehehe

  9. Ilovehim1919 says:

    omg josh you are … omg josh you are soo amazing and you did and great thing by adopting that lil pup and both of you are soo cute!!

  10. nicoleeeandreaaa says:

    well Josh … well Josh thanks for giving me another reason to absolutely adore you and your beautiful soul
    I luv u tho

  11. inkheart321 says:

    Why is josh such a … Why is josh such a wonderful person? I swear 4 all the girls who want him but probably will never meet him he sets the bar really high for other guys! Lov josh and driver:)

  12. udontnome98 says:

    Yeah same thing i … Yeah same thing i wish josh would adopt me and that is such a cute dog

  13. eleanor aitchison says:

    DAMN I wish Josh … DAMN I wish Josh Hutcherson would adopt me…

  14. dogsrule1 says:

    OMG! Hot guy+cute … OMG! Hot guy+cute puppy. Could you ask for a better combo? Josh is such a sweetie!!! <3

  15. aprilgrox764 says:

    Another thong me … Another thong me and my live have in common, I’m obsessed with dogs too!!!! He is so sweeeeet!!!!!! I love you Joooooosh!!!!

  16. spaghettilover100 says:

    Did anyone else get … Did anyone else get extremely irritated by how slowly she was talking???

  17. Kelliemec says:

    So Cute!!!! I … So Cute!!!! I really wanted a Pit Bull puppy too but I can’t but I will get one when I am out on my own!(:

  18. owlgirl6 says:

    Another reason why … Another reason why I love this guy:

    My List So Far:
    He’s cute
    He’s really funny
    He dresses cool
    He’s normal and down to earth
    He’s a brilliant actor
    He’s really cute (did i say that already, so, he is!)
    He’s a good kisser
    He can cook
    He supports children’s charities
    He can bake
    He’s so, so, so cute (I know i already said that but he is)
    He can rap (LOL, watch RV)
    He can do the worm (Watch RV)
    He doesn’t realise he’s cute
    He hates talking about himself

  19. owlgirl6 says:

    He hates admitting … He hates admitting he’s a heartthrob
    He is really small, like me!!!
    He has tons of muscles
    He is just like Peeta, is amazing and funny in interveiws!
    He plays Peeta who I’m kind of in love with, I’m in love with Josh too.
    He started acting aged like, 9
    He plays tons of great roles
    He’s modest
    He’s single
    He hates eating healthy

    New Reason: He loves animals!!!

    One word, PERFECT!!!!

  20. kgirl0248 says:

    Aww such a cute dog … Aww such a cute dog I -3 Josh Hutchson even more now

  21. vansan456 says:

    awwwwww soo cute <3 awwwwww soo cute <3

  22. krystal48471 says:

    congradulations … congradulations josh (:

  23. Simpsonlover88 says:

    Josh is the most … Josh is the most amazing person ever -3

  24. MarissaPaige17 says:

    I thought it meant … I thought it meant a kid >.>

  25. laxstarr50 says:

    If just about … If just about anybody else did this it would not be nearly as heartwarming! <3 JOSHY

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