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Doglover – Nobody’s perfect [HD]

0 Doglover   Nobodys perfect [HD]A funny girl singing and dancing to the song “Nobody’s Perfect”, made famous by Hannah Montana. Now available in High Defination-format.

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Hope You Enjoy!


Duration : 0:3:15

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25 Responses to “Doglover – Nobody’s perfect [HD]”

  1. Mary Conde says:

    im not perfect … im not perfect either, my love! #loveyouforalways

  2. Xedym says:

    super nice super nice

  3. Bronte Foster says:

    you lot are … you lot are desgraceful she ok no ones fat were all normal except u guys
    coz u dont belong with us

  4. Dawin says:

    nice nice

  5. alabamagurl100 says:

    OMG! doglover i so … OMG! doglover i so love u! haha ur so cute as a lil gurl do ur thing no
    matter wat anyone says ur just amazingly awsome! say bye bye haterzz lol

  6. Hannah Hannaah says:

    this will forever, … this will forever, be my favourite video on youtube!

  7. Chris DiVila says:

    The next Honeybooboo The next Honeybooboo

  8. Chosh Widninski says:

    is this a chubby … is this a chubby girl? or a chubby boy?

  9. Peace25252 says:

    Ummmm…….. Ummmm……..

  10. Jumana Beth says:

    She scared te … She scared te out of me when she opened the light like that

  11. badg3rish says:

    p.s. vital … p.s. vital redecoration needed.

  12. Superstar1796 says:

    you was so funny in … you was so funny in this video , are you dancing really like this ?

  13. Jumana Beth says:

    I will pay her 50 … I will pay her 50 dollars to dance like this at her senior prom.

  14. holly collett says:

    like if your … like if your watching in 2012

  15. CC199877 says:

    i love you! i love you!

  16. mrskeving says:

    I discovered this … I discovered this video with my housemates in 2nd year university and it
    still never fails to make me get up dance. doglover YOU GO GIRL

  17. AbooWalshies316 says:

    @weRunThisBtch … @weRunThisBtch hahhahhahahaha that made me laugh soo hard i <333 thuis
    comment hahah

  18. boomwacker101 says:

    Proof that nobody … Proof that nobody is perfect…

  19. SwingOnDaVine says:

    ur dumb ur dumb

  20. Peace25252 says:

    Ummmmmm……….. Ummmmmm………..

  21. Jostein Dal says:

    Doglover is a … Doglover is a mistake!

  22. SchoolKidz says:

    It’s not me? It’s not me?

  23. Laurence Hortop says:

    lol shut the up … lol shut the up dnt b a cheky kunt.

  24. Christian Mach says:

    i dont think he … i dont think he wanted to say. but this video made a two year old cry 😀

  25. XxBunner KingxX says:

    How can u dislike … How can u dislike this!

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