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Amazing Shelter Dog Vinny Love Trick Training

0 Amazing Shelter Dog Vinny Love Trick TrainingWatch Vinny Love perform some of his trick stunts.

I rescued him from a high-kill shelter with dog aggression issues, and have been training him myself for the past 2 years.

I didn’t raise him from when he was a puppy. In fact, I know nothing of his history. He’s not purebred. And he didn’t have the perfect manners, in fact he had aggression issues! However, with training, he was able to transform into a great dog with wonderful manners. I see tons of awesome purebred Retrievers, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Border Collies, and Jack Russell Terriers doing stunts and obedience but Vinny and I are proof that mix-breed shelter dogs can do it too, EVEN the ones with behavior issues!

Our goal through these videos is to not only showcase Vinny Love’s talent, but more importantly, show the world that there are MILLIONS of remarkable animals just like Vinny being euthanized and KILLED in animal shelters worldwide. If Vinny and I have even inspired 1 person to adopt his/her next animal through our videos, we’ve done our job.

Duration : 0:8:19

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25 Responses to “Amazing Shelter Dog Vinny Love Trick Training”

  1. Moonspirit08 says:

    Loved this video! … Loved this video! Vinny’s smile and constantly wagging tail are so adorable! Great job and way to go with promoting the rescues/shelter dogs and ones who people deem “untrainable” or “not worth it.” Vinny and you are very inspirational and amazing =)

  2. JEarly251 says:

    That was so good I … That was so good I love dogs and feel sorry for the animals being killed

  3. SanMan10100 says:

    I’d like to adopt a … I’d like to adopt a small dog myself for companionship. Your dog seems like the exact type I’m looking for. But I don’t know if he is very active dog that will need to be walked a lot or not. I ask b/c I need not only the exercise but I need to just get outside and socialize. And dogs r a people magnet if u know what I mean. What is he a mix of?

  4. oink2005 says:

    Amazing..just too … Amazing..just too good.

  5. iloveanimals cutie says:

    Amazing! Amazing!

  6. Elviah123 says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful!

  7. MsZahori45 says:

    Wow !! Great … Wow !! Great tricks!! My favorite was find your nose!!

  8. RedThunder0335 says:

    Commando dog!
     Commando dog!

  9. CappelliRossi says:

    I watched this vid … I watched this vid after your slideshow on Vinny. It’s very inspiring! I want to adopt a shelter dog myself but need to finish school first, and your videos are helping keep that motivation alive. Thank you for being a decent person and an AMAZING dog-owner! Congrats to you and Vinny on a fantastic relationship!

  10. saintrob86 says:

    awww he is adorable … awww he is adorable! given me idea to try with my dog x

  11. rosedit says:

    Remarkable trainer … Remarkable trainer with a simple stunning dog who clearly worships & trusts you. Why did you have to bring a tear to my eye with the end credits – but so potent.

  12. PotatoVampireTaco says:

    Omg! I love how he … Omg! I love how he wangs he’s tail :3

  13. doinhusoida says:

    intelligent dog intelligent dog

  14. weep9965 says:

    I wish I had a mix … I wish I had a mix breed dog! But I don’t which makes me sad 🙁 🙁 I wish u could give me a dog for x-mas 🙂 just kidding I love ur show wait till he learns to change the t.v channels!!!!

  15. CpChannelCheats says:

    Your amazing. I … Your amazing. I thought I was good and I’m 11. But your much better! I haven’t seen anything. Oh he is so cute!!! But with agression issues watch out because he can do all that!!! Wait till he learns Karate! lol

  16. tjtomax says:

    you should have … you should have this dog audition to be in a movie 😀

  17. PuppyPaws18 says:

    Im very inspired … Im very inspired by you guys!

  18. AnimalsSuperCute says:

    Love your video. Love your video.

  19. TarHeelGirl875 says:

    Vinnu is a very … Vinnu is a very smart dog. And its true that no matter what age or issues a dog may have, you can always teach a dog tricks. That saying is crap that u can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You totally can!

  20. struggle375 says:

    lol how do you … lol how do you teach a dong to dance like that?

  21. iheartdinosaurzz says:

    Do you think you … Do you think you could pit a video o how you train him for some??? O wanna adopt from a shelter and I would rather learn from you than put my dog under stress around a bunchbof pol at a trainer!!! I love vinny!!!!!:)

  22. PetluverChannel says:

    Vinny is so … Vinny is so talented and ready to please. This definitely proves any dog from anywhere can be smart and loyal. Whether he/she is aggressive, fearful, dominant, or any other form of being the dog can be turned around to become a man’s best friend. The only thing a dog needs is a loyal human who will take the time to win back a dog’s love with time and effort. Thank you so much for making a wonderful example of how every dog can have a second chance!! You have shown everyone to never give up <3

  23. TayDogs176 says:

    Do you use a … Do you use a clicker?

  24. notafraid2b says:

    Wow he is a very … Wow he is a very well trained dog well done !!

  25. aecjohansson says:

    Also, Thank you for … Also, Thank you for sharing your story about Vinny. I’ve put it on our fb page: Esdaw – European Society of Dog and Animal Welfare. Hope it was ok.

    Regards Eva/Sweden

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