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A must watch for any dog lover!

0 A must watch for any dog lover!Rakesh Shukla is the go-to guy for dog rescue in Bangalore. His privately-funded venture, ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ champions the cause of India’s stray/ street dogs with research, publication, litigation, veterinary and healthcare services for stray dogs.

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Duration : 0:5:33

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25 Responses to “A must watch for any dog lover!”

  1. Pepper Media says:

    +QuickStir TOI + … +QuickStir TOI +PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) +
    BuzzFeed +Storyful +Storypick 

  2. Pepper Media says:

    Pepper Media Pepper Media

  3. tsuneo ando says:

    please , i need … please , i need help here . My dog just died this morning. But what got me
    confused was that he died suddenly without any signs. He was only around 20
    – 22 months, not even 2 years old , his health was fine . That day he was
    taken to the vet for castration operation , after the surgeon his health
    was fine , that night me and mom also dropped by to visit him , but his
    face seemed sad and didn’t want to eat . We thought it was because of the
    surgeon that made him a little tired. We went home and next morning the vet
    called us and said that at around 4, 5am our dog just suddenly seemed to be
    tired and lay down , after a while he died . I don’t understand how could a
    healthy dog just can die like that at so young , me and mom were not even
    be able to be with him in his last moments , I cried so much and fainted
    out . I know that he’s gone and probably he is with God now but can anyone
    tell me or explain to me the possible causes of his death ? 

  4. Meera Pillai says:

    Perhaps, Rakesh … Perhaps, Rakesh Shukla doesn’t quite know what happened in 2007 — because
    he wasn’t there. Yes, hundreds of dogs were exterminated, but hundreds of
    animal welfare workers got together and confronted the local Government and
    brought the killing to a stop. There were excellent animal welfare
    initiatives before Rakesh Shukla came on the scene. There continues to be
    excellent animal welfare work in Bangalore by individuals, groups and
    organisations. It makes no sense to negate the work done by scores of other
    genuine animal people. While I highly appreciate his work, Rakesh Shukla is
    not the lone hero for animals in Bangalore. May Bangalore’s welfare efforts
    grow — in strength and in harmony.

  5. Ritika Bisht says:

    God bless you sir! … God bless you sir! You’re such an inspiration to animal lovers like me :)

  6. Aj Ferrer says:

    give this man a … give this man a medal. earth needs more like him. 

  7. Ananth Padmanabh says:

    The world needs … The world needs more such people. Thank you sir for your great efforts.

  8. Raj Nair says:

    Dear Rakesh. Please … Dear Rakesh. Please keep up the good work and continue to rescue as many
    dogs as you can. They are the best among God’s creations. We need to make
    compassion towards animals part of our school curriculum. We treat them so
    very badly and this is so wrong. I hope and pray your kindness and efforts
    inspire others in India to do the same. May God bless you, Rakesh and may
    you remain ever inspired to help our furry friends. 

  9. lohith gowda says:

    Hats off to you Mr. … Hats off to you Mr. Rakesh Shukla 🙂 :-)

  10. raghav singhania says:

    Amazing! Superb! Amazing! Superb!

  11. Ratan Parmar says:

    good job sir we … good job sir we Salute you.. we r also doing the same in bombay..; 

  12. Reema T says:

    Wish we had more … Wish we had more people like amazing effort from his side..salute
    you sir..keep up the amazing work.

  13. carlos manuel costa Pedro says:

    Não,em termos … Não,em termos gerais, não somos os melhores amigos deles, mas alguns de nós
    somos realmente os seus melhores amigos e tu Rakesh estás muito para além
    dos seus melhores amigos comuns. OBRIGADO

  14. abhilash b says:

    A perfect human … A perfect human being for the beings.

  15. Pavan Jacob says:

    Bravo Rakesh and … Bravo Rakesh and Team VOSD !

  16. Dijana Diana says:

    I love you,sir. … I love you,sir. You’re a true hero

  17. Anitha Rai says:

    Respect to you Sir! … Respect to you Sir!!

  18. TOLLY GRIFFON says:

    Love Dogs Forever Love Dogs Forever

  19. Anil Parmar says:

    (y) spechless (y) spechless

  20. Parv Sharma says:

    Hats off to you sir … Hats off to you sir,,,,
    I wish I could have join u, but my bad luck that im not in India

  21. Flora Mae Pincas says:

    I so loved this … I so loved this video, very touching! Kudos to you, Sir! :’)

  22. The Voice of Stray Dogs says:

    The Voice of Stray … The Voice of Stray Dogs and how it came about – the video made and released
    by Pepper Media

    It looks like a long time but on Oct 15, 2014 we complete 2 yrs! The most
    automated the most efficient anywhere in the world and medically the most
    committed no-holds-barred treatment anywhere in the world as well. With a
    simple motto – NO treatment no matter how complex or expensive will be
    denied. And with ~3000 rescues and treatments and with ~400 permanent dogs
    in my care. That’s something.

    For the record VoSD would not be possible without legal inputs of Anjali
    Sharma for analysis and cases on the website and much more, with out the
    daily effort by Swaroop Rao Lawrence to keep the all important FB page and
    interaction with most of the external world for me, without Sangeeta
    Velegar and the perspective in the communication she brings, and our very
    early months Kelly Johnson who stuck around even when everyone fell off,
    the 25 guys who work with VoSD and give it everything 7 days a week, Bob &
    Ruston and most of all the one who works with me unfailingly – Sandeep. And
    the many many of you who’ve given so much love and support.

    This is by no way an exhaustive anything but Joyline with her support to be
    ready to whip up something & Rashna & Rashmi at the Traume Center when we
    were understaffed and the dogs desperately needed daily help they couldn’t
    have done without.

    You can see the previous converge on CNN IBN & other TV on

  23. Shekhar Srivastava says:

    Hats off to Vosd… … Hats off to Vosd… 

  24. Chydogg says:

    Dog lover!! Dog lover!!

  25. Parv Sharma says:

    Parv Sharma Parv Sharma

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