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Preston Camp, Jr. – A Trip Too Soon To Heaven

0 Preston Camp, Jr.   A Trip Too Soon To HeavenWorldwide Renowned Singer/Songwriter & 2011 Texas Music Award Winner Preston Camp, Jr. His new song, “A Trip Too Soon To Heaven” ( the DVD set is now available for purchase at & it includes 6 more music videos or the song can be downloaded at
( DOWNLOAD at ) is Dedicated to the Dogs & Cats that we’ve been unable to Save & to the ones that we won’t Save Today, Tomorrow & the next Day from Death in Kill Pounds & to the hands of Abusers. But we will end Kill Pounds in America & soon save as many Innocent, Healthy & Loving lives as possible. Every minute in America, 39 dogs are put to Death in Kill Pounds…that’s right…in the USA, but we can do better than that as Americans & Civilized Human beings…we’re not a Barbaric Country…But if you asked a Dog right now, they’d beg to differ with you. If only a Dog could talk. It’s way past time to close down Kill Pounds & treat one of God’s Greatest Gifts to Mankind…Man’s Best Friend… like Americans would treat them…like the civilized Human beings we’re supposed to be, would treat them…like God intended for us to treat them!!! It’s All About Love & Being Human & The American Way…Saving Lives! And Please Spay & Neuter!
The SONG, “A TRIP TOO SOON TO HEAVEN” Can Now Be Downloaded At
Filmed & Recorded at The Studio of J. David Leonard, Reveal Audio & Joined on this newest song written by Preston is J. David Leonard on Guitars & the powerful vocals of Jennifer Ferren…together they deliver a song with a Heartfelt message!
Ya’ll can Purchase all of Preston’s albums & DVD packages at
The DVD set, A Trip Too Soon To Heaven, including 6 more of Preston’s new music videos is available here soon too.

Duration : 0:3:51

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