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Guinea Pig Care : Common Health Problems in Pet Guinea Pigs

0 Guinea Pig Care : Common Health Problems in Pet Guinea PigsLearn from an exotic animal health technician and learn information on common health problems in pet guinea pigs in this free online video.

Expert: Sarah Tingle
Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care.
Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

Duration : 0:1:37

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25 Responses to “Guinea Pig Care : Common Health Problems in Pet Guinea Pigs”

  1. Isabella Hauger says:

    talk about saying … talk about saying um ALOT

  2. madison douglass says:

    what about uri?? what about uri??

  3. jeevaz says:

    ……….. EWW. … ……….. EWW. thanks ._.

  4. AngelasAnimalAdvice says:

    ExpertVillage has … ExpertVillage has convinced my mom to buy me a pet ball python snake AND a
    pet ferret!!! thx you! although u have no idea what u did! 😛

  5. herocross light says:

    @mlsederiox10 no it … @mlsederiox10 no it will be sick because in the shop we visit, all the
    guinea pig’s are eating grass just don’t let them eat cogon grass

  6. sbiruism says:

    ma cke state a di ma cke state a di

  7. jessica mallia says:

    can you pls help me … can you pls help me. My ginny is not eating a lot and he cant walk
    properly.He’s very quite . not the same any more he looks very sick.

  8. 1997HighLander says:

    @ blonka123 My … @ blonka123 My guinea pig had this. He was diagnosed with a stone in his
    urethra. It sounds like you piggy may have a stone too. Take him back to
    the vets ASAP! My pig never got better even when the stone was removed
    because the damage was already done. I’m sorry.

  9. Jordan Cabalo says:

    can someone help me … can someone help me. my guinea pigs butt looks like its sticking out. is
    that normal? o_O

  10. Zakuboxcarrier says:

    it’s poop, guinea … it’s poop, guinea pigs poop from their mouths

  11. Eva Xidos says:

    my guinea is … my guinea is getting surgery tomorrow because is tounge is trapped….

  12. cupcaklezizrockz says:

    i had a guinnee pig … i had a guinnee pig but he died 🙁 my mom wouldnt take me to see a vet

  13. Scarlett B. says:

    :01 to skip ads! :01 to skip ads!

  14. henman93 says:

    @BloodWindStudios … @BloodWindStudios He might just be old. Like a human would do, there body
    just gives out.

  15. Pam HR says:

    I thought they … I thought they couldnt eat parsley

  16. Taylor Boyd says:

    @rockstar7809 No … @rockstar7809 No just a check up occasionally no not in most cases you can
    adopt one but give it plenty of attention not pills but you can by bottles
    of vitiman c liquid at the pet store to put a few drops in the water thing
    everytime you refill it and with the music thing I suggest on keeping her
    in your room and politely ask your dad if when he wants to play music to
    put the guinea pig cage in another room in a safe place

  17. 562223456 says:

    and is long nails a … and is long nails a big problem

  18. TWOPRC says:

    @TheLuckyGiraffe … @TheLuckyGiraffe maybe just give em a while they shoud learn to eat or put
    them in there food bowl

  19. Jhon Hoskin says:

    Guinie pig would … Guinie pig would randomly squeal loudly and I don’t know if he is in pain
    or anything. And I can’t afford to take to the vet right now and I don’t
    know what to do. I need help and one have any suggestions please???????

  20. chickenshit68 says:

    thumbs up for 9 ” … thumbs up for 9 “ummm”

  21. Anna Hally says:

    I’m getting scared. … I’m getting scared. =( It’s the middle of the night a my lil girl piggy
    still looks sick. =( She’s not active at all, normally she goes crazy and
    runs every where! Her stomach has gotten bigger the past month and now when
    I touch her bum, it seems like it hurts. She also has crust around her
    eyes. HELP!

  22. Ashley Kimberly says:

    I’m planning on … I’m planning on adopting a Guinea Pig soon. I have a few qestions. 1. Does
    your pet absoluley need to go to an exotic vetranarian or a regular vet
    where they treat most animals? 2. Since Guinea Pigs a socialable animals,
    do i need to adopt two? 3. Am I able to find the vitamin C pills at my
    local pet store? 4. My dad likes to play lots of loud music! Should I move
    my pet away from his room to another place? I was planning on placing his
    cage in my room. But his music is close to my room.

  23. RealFruitBeverage2 says:

    umm umm

  24. gamermaster25 says:

    mine wont eat :'( … mine wont eat :'( all of a sudden he just stopped eating. i think he has a
    cold cz hes got a chesty cough… erm…erm…erm…erm…erm…erm…erm…

  25. Recalo4 says:

    depends…if he or … depends…if he or she is gentle and loves animals then go for it, but if
    he or she wants to throw it around or thinks it would be fun to hurt it
    then no

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