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Emergency Dog Health Care : Tips For Treating Injuries to a Dog’s Genitals

0 Emergency Dog Health Care : Tips For Treating Injuries to a Dogs GenitalsLearn what to do when your dog has an injury to his genitals, in this free emergency pet health care video with tips from a veterinarian.

Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan
Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

Duration : 0:2:35

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25 Responses to “Emergency Dog Health Care : Tips For Treating Injuries to a Dog’s Genitals”

  1. Justice CanBYours says:

    an emergency vet … an emergency vet told us to not make our dog vomit especially using
    hydrogen peroxide or salt. 1) that amount of salt can make your dog sick,
    and 2) hydrogen is not good for their stomach lining. The best and only
    solution to make your dog puke up what they have eaten (food wise), is to
    spend the cash and bring the dog to the emergency vet …….

  2. Dogs Are Cute says:

    Good information in … Good information in taking care of dogs. I have more dog health tips for
    dog owners in my channel. Hope they will also help your dog to be strong
    and healthy.

  3. shanaynay129 says:

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  4. derrk wolf says:

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  7. Samantha M says:

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  9. ineverknowwhat2say says:

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  10. rcdada609 says:

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  11. anaccreis151 says:

    … Why do some … … Why do some people make such childish comments? Anyways, I really must
    thank you for this video, I’m a veterinary student and this sort of
    information is always helpful =)

  12. ace69er says:

    She LOVES her job! … She LOVES her job! SO does the dog! I dont see HIM complaining! She keeps
    playing with it! Closet zoo!

  13. Alexis Brown says:

    sugar on it? sugar on it?

  14. Kristian Martinex says:

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  15. Kayla Blair says:

    She keeps touching … She keeps touching it..

  16. WWOLFwts says:

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