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Dog Health – Raw Meat Diet for Dogs

0 Dog Health   Raw Meat Diet for DogsStop thinking of dog’s diets in human terms.
Dogs are carnivores. They do not need grains and vegetabless. They need meat protein to function optimally. There is a growing trend toward feeding dogs strictly a raw meaty bones diet, often simply called “raw feeding” and is similar to what they would eat in the wild.

Chicken Dinner (for a 30-40 lb dog)
1 pound chicken (with bone)
1 egg
A sprinkling of herbs

Beef and Sardine
1/2 pound beef (with bone)
4 fresh wild sardines
A few crushed berries

Lamb Breakfast
Lamb necks
1 egg

Whole Rabbit
whole rabbit (with or without fur)
with organs intact

Whole chicken
small or large chicken w/ included organs
1 tsp fresh berries or herbs

1-2 chicken wings
a slice of liver, kidney,


Chicken Frying parts with bone

Here are the best websites i have come across: (probably the best)

Here is also a list of the “worst” pet food brands:
Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Nutro max, Goodlife recipe, Science Diet, Prescription Diet, Gravy train, alpo, amore, Pedigree, Natures Recipe, Bil jac, royal canin, ect

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  1. Lorina Kokoszka says:

    What breed is he? … What breed is he? He’s gorgeous… I’m tempted to guess Australian
    Shepherd/ Siberian Husky mix, but I’m not sure…

  2. David McClellan says:

    We agree fully with … We agree fully with you on this. We had a lot of trouble with bladder
    stones with our Hannah (a Cairn terrier) including an instances of acute
    retention which could have killed her, but a change of diet to a bland and
    natural one, including raw meat, seem to solve the problem on a life long
    basis. Most vets seem to favour a change of diet.

    For a successful bladder stone diet and description of Hannah’s problems
    and details of her case history please see –

  3. Tobias Smith says:

    Tobias Smith Tobias Smith

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