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Giving Gifts to Homeless Dogs

0 Giving Gifts to Homeless Dogs“Irish Dogs Taste Test Gift Bags..”
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Behind the video :
We’ve given things to Irish people, American people, French people, Dutch people but what about animals?..

Introducing, Homeless dogs getting gifts from Facts.

Credits :
Produced by Creative Nation
Music licensed from AudioMicro

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Duration : 0:2:31

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24 Responses to “Giving Gifts to Homeless Dogs”

  1. Patricia De Biase says:

    A equipe de um … A equipe de um canal no youtube, chamado Facts, decidiu levar um pouco de
    alegria para cachorros que estão esperando para serem adotados.
    Todos os cães do abrigo DSPCA em Dublin, na Irlanda, ganharam um presente.
    A reação dos cachorros é incrível e eles se divertiram até com o embrulho!
    Assista o vídeo e veja a felicidade dos cães:

  2. Vegance Ismine says:

    Mark Twain said, ” … Mark Twain said, “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”
    Smart man. Just think, all those awesome dogs are homeless, while breeders
    continue to create millions more puppies for sale to fickle buyers, as if
    animals are disposable merchandise. Seriously defective species we are.
    Thanks to the rescuers for giving those angels shelter, care, and some
    happiness. I may get told off by someone who had his happy mood spoiled by
    reading my comment. To him/her I say: Get a reality check.

  3. Hayley Ralph says:

    Sweet 🙂 Reminds me … Sweet 🙂 Reminds me of my old dogs opening their Christmas presents. 

  4. angel minee says:

    omg! I love those … omg! I love those dogs.. It really tear my heart whenever I see them

  5. Eric Glueckert says:

    I think a home is … I think a home is the biggest gift to give a dog, not some toys in a bag.

  6. Hiba Totakhail says:

    I would adopt all … I would adopt all of these dogs in a heartbeat.

  7. Darryl MN says:

    Omg these doggies … Omg these doggies are in Ireland?!?!!! I want dem all

  8. HighLordChris says:

    Why not change this … Why not change this channel to BuzzFeed Ireland?

  9. Cães & Gatos Centro Veterinário says:

    A equipe de um … A equipe de um canal no youtube, chamado Facts, decidiu levar um pouco de
    alegria para cachorros que estão esperando para serem adotados, no abrigo
    DSPCA em Dublin, na Irlanda. A reação dos cãezinhos é incrível, olhem só
    quanta felicidade <3

  10. ailish086 says:

    This made me happy … This made me happy <3

  11. mysterymakeable says:

    this is the cutest … this is the cutest thing

  12. Savannah Corbett says:

    I want that pitbull … I want that pitbull, he/she was gorgeous! I don’t think they’re violent,
    just cute! <3

  13. Hannah Mck says:

    Thats so cute i … Thats so cute i went to the dspca and the dogs are soooooo cute i love the
    dogs that got a ball :)

  14. Nirin1984 says:

    The disslikes must … The disslikes must be satans children.

  15. mschunkymonkeh says:

    wow i’m surprised … wow i’m surprised they teared the paper first or even pulled the toy out of
    the bag! My dog would have loved playing with an empty bag.

  16. Andriana Foster says:

    I love this video. … I love this video. God bless!!!

  17. Cysioland says:

    Would take that … Would take that pitty 

  18. HighLordChris says:

    That was nice That was nice

  19. oscal12 says:

    i got my dog from … i got my dog from there

  20. Joshua Kiley says:

    Aw…. Aw….

  21. jordan5772 says:

    goood doggies goood doggies

  22. Antonio Castillo says:

    more c more c

  23. Apathes says:

    This warms my heart … This warms my heart. I had a goofy grin on my face the whole two minutes.
    These animals are gorgeous! Wish I could bring them all home with me. I
    hope good parents meet them soon!

  24. Fionnuala Hyndman says:

    4 4

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