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DIY Pet Gifts! ♡

0 DIY Pet Gifts! ♡Hey! I love my pets so much and any time is a great time to spoil them – but especially coming up to Christmas! So I have created 3 great DIY pet gifts that are really affordable and simple to make, my Bruce loves them all!
We will be making:
– a DIY sweater pet bed
– DIY healthy homemade dog treats
– a personalised dog /cat bowl
I hope your pets love them!
I understand how hard it can be to afford gifts for your pets, sometimes its hard enough to survive yourself.. thats why finding ways to create things at home is so great -you save money, develop skills and often make much healthier or better products ♡

I hope you enjoyed this video ♡
If you want to find my elsewhere here are some of my details:




some FAQ:
how old are you? : 22
Where do you live? : New Zealand
What do you film with: Canon 60d & canon s120
What do you edit on: FCPX
What do you study: Masters in Communication of Science and filmmaking
What do you love most in life: bruce -my chihuahua, my family & bf, animals, sunshine, FOOD, nature, compassion…

This channel hopes to inspire a positive life ♡

“take care of your body, its the only place you have to live”
“life is short, smile while you still have teeth”
“be the change you want to see, in your life and in the world!”

For all business enquiries, please contact:

Stay beautiful, love you guys ♡
Ela xx

Healthy. Happy. Natural. DIY. Inspired. Positive

Duration : 0:7:14

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25 Responses to “DIY Pet Gifts! ♡”

  1. sam bain says:


  2. yan tan says:

    Bruce is so cute!! … Bruce is so cute!! Can you do a video of just him?

  3. Jennifer Harris says:

    Gasp I love this … Gasp I love this video so much!!! Just fantastic ideas. I especially can’t
    wait to try the recipe for my little girl♡
    Bruce is too cute:) and he looks so happy with all of his gifts!!!

  4. Ashley O'Hara says:

    I would need a … I would need a really big sweater lol. I have a German shepherd and she’s
    the love of my life :)

  5. livelovelaughJCK says:

    Maybe I’ll try one … Maybe I’ll try one of these. I’ve been spoiling my one dog Chico extra
    lately, we had to put his beeeeest friend, my other dog down in October.
    She was ten. We’re all still trying to move on, and my poor baby’s just
    been so sad. So he’s been needing all the cheering up he can get!!!

  6. Ela Gale ♡ says:

    Wishing all of your … Wishing all of your beautiful furry babies much love <3

  7. Lauren Skaflestad says:

    The dog treats … The dog treats where so great

  8. Katie Stewart says:

    This is so perfect! … This is so perfect!!! Thank you, I can’t wait to do these!! 🙂 you’re

  9. Senpai Axy says:

    This is awesome, … This is awesome,thanks.^^
    Where are you from,i just love your accent. x ♥

  10. Lisa Hester says:

    Omg love love love! … Omg love love love!!! Your dogs are just edible!!!! What a little

  11. mini foods says:

    i Know how you feel … i Know how you feel ihave dog,s cats, even horses +more and they arejust
    like family and I spoil them to bits

  12. Cleanecostyle says:

    Wow, apparently you … Wow, apparently you can eat the treat yourself if not vegan!!! It’s made
    with clean ingredients, yahyyy

  13. orlendatube says:

    I’m adopting a … I’m adopting a kitty and i love the bed idea! Its expensive to get all the
    things you need for a new pet so this can really help me!

  14. Digginfamily says:

    I made the bowl for … I made the bowl for my rabbit Jimmy and put carrots instead if bones and I
    made the bed for my 3 cats and they sometimes fight over it! I made it SOOO
    comfy by putting real stuffing into this :)

  15. Kimberly Wong says:

    I want to try the … I want to try the bowl but im scared that the nail polish will harm my dog
    he likes to lick everything! Any ideas? 

  16. Joselynn Ramirz says:

    Aww!!! Love this !! … Aww!!! Love this !! ❤️

  17. dollydiamond69 says:

    We adopted a … We adopted a whippet two days ago! He is a little 7yr old rescue and
    currently sitting on me. Love your videos! Xx

  18. Cindy Castro says:

    Are the treats ok … Are the treats ok to give to cats? Because I really want to make her these
    treats but I’m not sure if I can 

  19. Zrinee Hah says:

    Your dogs are so … Your dogs are so cute <3 .You should do more videos with them … 🙂 :3

  20. MakeupErynnxX says:

    Imm going to do … Imm going to do this for my toy poodle shes really sweet so going to give
    her gifts 

  21. Amalia Houston says:

    If you boil the … If you boil the sweet potatoes, it actually takes out the nutrients. You
    probably should bake them instead, but Im still going to try the recipe ( :

  22. valerie mosqueda says:

    i also have little … i also have little chihuahuas tht are so loving n caring u have beatiful
    dogs i have a chihuhua name chester tht act the same way they are so
    loving dogs.

  23. Joanna Martinez says:

    I love how she just … I love how she just has this love for her dogs she has the same love to
    them as if they were a human

  24. ericaa_xo16 says:

    Aww this was so … Aww this was so cute! 🙂 I wish I still had my doggie but she grew old 🙁
    everyone should always treat their pets as part of the family :)

  25. LOOPY LOLLER says:

    This really helped … This really helped my friend has a dog so I made him some xxxxx amazing diy

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