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DITL Vlog 11 20 13 ~More Christmas gifts & dog talk~

0 DITL Vlog 11 20 13 ~More Christmas gifts & dog talk~Some possible Christmas gift ideas for your little ones & some “adopt a dog” talk 🙂

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Duration : 0:22:51

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8 Responses to “DITL Vlog 11 20 13 ~More Christmas gifts & dog talk~”

  1. Annette Collins says:

    I really hope you … I really hope you find just the perfect dog(s) for your family ! I wish you
    all the luck in doing so 🙂 ( and that chick at the shelter needs a kick
    in the arse…you want to get these shelter dogs and cats to good
    homes…what in the world was she thinking…aaahh !!)

  2. Gardiris says:

    I am so sorry about … I am so sorry about your dog. I hope you can find a new furry family
    member soon. I volunteer with a local rescue and it is great that you want
    to adopt a shelter of rescue dog.

  3. Wendy R says:

    That’s a strange … That’s a strange email to get when you’ve contacted someone about adopting
    a puppy. I realize shelters & rescues want to be sure they find good homes,
    but I think some of them can make it too hard to adopt.

  4. Holly Johnson says:

    Wow! What was that … Wow! What was that lady thinking? Just wow! Wishing you better results!!

  5. sarah krankka says:

    Yay another day in … Yay another day in the life :)

  6. Amanda Smith says:

    I think it’s great … I think it’s great that you guys are trying to adopt a shelter dog! Hang in
    there. Maybe try one a bigger town over or something? There has to be a
    shelter somewhere that would love to have you adopt from them! We are going
    to get a dog this summer, but we really want a pit bull. I am like you, I
    don’t trust the ones from shelters, so we will have to get a puppy. They
    are the sweetest dogs if you raise them right. I would love a Yorkie too,
    but my 4 kids would harm a small dog 🙁 

  7. Libby Withnall says:

    How sad the get the … How sad the get the food sample the day after you lost her :-(. How
    frustrating for you with trying to find a rescue dog. We got our first
    Goldie from the pound. He was on death row but were told we’d be better to
    go the rescue place next door. Needless to say we managed to get the Goldie
    – he was just 4 months old – lived to 15 – and was the BEST dog. The right
    one will find it’s way to your place – I’m sure of it.

  8. KatesPlaceDIY says:

    Another day in the … Another day in the life :)

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