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❄ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2013! For Him, Her, YOU and Dogs! ❄

0 ❄ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2013! For Him, Her, YOU and Dogs! ❄Thumbs this video up for more #HolidaysWithEva Videos!
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“all i want for christmas is yoooooooou!”

Thanks for watching, i love you!

FTC:All disss was purchased by little old me! 🙂

Thanks for watching my ultimate holiday gift guide!
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25 Responses to “❄ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2013! For Him, Her, YOU and Dogs! ❄”

  1. sunshinebaby07 says:

    Your series name … Your series name should be #Holidava

  2. Suzy's Challenges says:

    Would ANYONE like … Would ANYONE like to do a collab video with me? It does not have to be doll
    videos! I like diys and rainbow loom too:)

  3. Lily Petteway says:

    When I saw the part … When I saw the part about dogs, I was like OMG THIS IS PERFECT 

  4. Actors4Tiaras says:

    Eva, your channel … Eva, your channel has grown so quickly!!! Congratulations for everything!!!

    would anyone like to be youtube friends? :)

  5. trisha60 says:

    Hey, i also made … Hey, i also made one of these video this week! maybe stop by and take a
    look, hope it helps! great video xxx

  6. Whateva20023 says:

    You should’ve seen … You should’ve seen my mom last Christmas when she got the Beyoncé album
    from my aunt lol

  7. Nikol Slavova says:

    I’m getting a … I’m getting a fujifilm instax share well for my birthday but it December
    14th so yass 

  8. heyitstitanium says:

    thumbs up this … thumbs up this comment for 1 year later!

  9. helena sanchez says:

    what about if you … what about if you have a boyfriend who plays music because my boyfriend
    plays drums & guitar and i have no idea what to give him i want to get him
    a new guitar but i dont got enough for a brand new one and i wanna buy him
    one from the pawn shop but idk i want to make him happy because he always
    gets me stuff and i wanna to do for him to 

  10. Denee Weathers says:

    I feel like she is … I feel like she is just pulling these items out her room to show us because
    no one would want converse, old curling iron and a purse. -_-

  11. Janelle.C says:

    All I want for … All I want for Christmas is yoooooooou!!

  12. Yolanda Morales says:

    Watching in 2014. … Watching in 2014.

  13. Ashley Dallas says:

    omg stop this video … omg stop this video at 15:55 and who else is watching this in 2014

  14. CandyWorld30 says:

    Is the exfoliating … Is the exfoliating face brush good for acne prone skin?

  15. Jessica Hampton says:

    All of these are so … All of these are so freaking expensive 

  16. Olivia Osullivan says:

    All I want for … All I want for christmas is youuuuuuuuuuuu

  17. naysethxo says:

    all i want for … all i want for christmas is yoooooooou!

  18. Beauty Babe13 says:

    Is her name … Is her name pronounced “Eva” or “Ava” 

  19. Evangeline Onugha says:

    All I want for … All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuuuuu!

  20. kitty loves msp says:

    Cool! Lol we almost … Cool! Lol we almost have the same name

  21. allie krug says:

    My mom loves … My mom loves candles

  22. Naïlaa a says:

    Could you do one … Could you do one like this this year?? I really love your videos and this
    one is really useful!! Thx

  23. Cash Johnson says:

    you forgot my … you forgot my brother’s aunt’s dog’s boyfriend’s hedgehogs neighbour Sally

  24. Andrea CLOVIS says:

    I love Titanic!I’ve … I love Titanic!I’ve memorized the whole movie.(Well,when I was 9.)

  25. Daniella Ali says:

    All I want for … All I want for christmas is to get better healthwise and a Canon EOS
    camera, along with spending time with my family whom I don’t get to see

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